Rewiring the Brain / Anomalous Phenomena

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Rewiring the Brain / Anomalous Phenomena

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Bestselling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality, and human potential. In the first half, he discussed discoveries in biology and the neurosciences that reveal how the structure of language -the words we think and speak- can actually change how the neurons in our brains and hearts connect. We are at a critical crossroads, he noted, as technology is being introduced to replace some aspects of our biology, such as sensors in the body, and computer chips in the brain. But in many respects, our natural neurons are able to perform better than computers, like in tests of Tibetan meditators who demonstrated a doubling of capacity for human brain processing. "We literally are a soft programmable technology...and the brain is only part of that," he continued.

The average human body has around 50 trillion cells, and each of those cells has the electrical potential of .07 volts, which when totaled is the equivalent power of 12 billion 12-volt batteries, he marveled. Further, our genes function as a higher frequency antenna, and DNA stores information like the blockchain on computers. "The external technology in the world around us mimics what we already do in the cells in our bodies," he remarked. Different indigenous and ancient traditions and cultures around the world have turned to specific words and phrases in times of need and loss, Braden discovered, and he categorized some of them as specific "wisdom codes" that can function like healing mantras or prayers for us today.


In the latter half, author and investigator Joshua P. Warren, nicknamed The Wizard of Weird, talked about his latest work dealing with Area 51, portals, anomalies, and triangles. He shared photos and a video of ghostly phenomena-- in the video, an orb-like form seems to leave indentations in the snow, while the photo features an apparition of "two nuns" outside Notre Dame. Warren also relayed a fascinating account told to him by a Nevada scientist about secret experiments conducted at an underground facility in the small town of Mercury, Nevada. The experimenters created a new life form using "living mercury," and it escapes sometimes, and they send out a group wearing specially shielded suits to retrieve it, he said. Reportedly, the being looks like a large glowing electric blue jackrabbit that has some kind of electrical force field around it.

Joshua, who is based in Las Vegas, announced that he had bought some land in Rachel, Nevada (near Area 51) and plans to build a machine there that could open a portal. If he succeeds, he hopes to interact with interdimensional beings, and offer a live video feed. This land is already a natural portal, he added, and part of a larger area he called the "Nevada Triangle" (going from Las Vegas up to Reno and over to Fresno), which has more people and planes disappear than the Bermuda Triangle, and has numerous reports of cryptids, UFOs, ghostly activity, and time warps. Warren also touched on Robert the Haunted Doll, his Wishing Machine, UFO pendants, black mirrors for scrying, and Art Bell's alien statue.

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