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History of UFOs & ETs

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Civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City, Robert D. Morningstar, has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 40 years. He offered an in-depth look at the history of UFOs and ET interactions starting from the mid-20th century. In 1956, the US Air Force cooperated with filmmakers for a docudrama, "UFO: The True Story of Flying Saucers," and the project is particularly interesting as real-life eyewitnesses participated in the film, including Capt. Edward Ruppelt and investigator Maj. Donald Keyhoe from NICAP. Speaking of his early interest in the UFO subject, Morningstar recalled how his younger brother underwent what seemed to be alien abduction experiences in the 1960s.

According to Morningstar, a UFO that crashed in Freiberg, Germany, was used by the Nazis to reverse engineer the technology, and additionally, they made an agreement with Reptilian aliens to create hybrids of alien/humans that may have been what Hitler had envisioned as his super race. Regarding the Cape Girardeau UFO crash of 1941, he noted there is a photograph that purports to show two men holding up one of the injured aliens. Morningstar suggested that various colored lights of UFOs represent different energy states of their technology and that if a person was near one of the craft, they should not stare at the lights as they can suffer from radiation burns.

Morningstar also touched on topics including the Majestic 12 cover-up, the Battle of LA in 1942, black triangle UFOs, underwater UFO bases off Florida, and the Anunnaki. He invites listeners to subscribe to his The Morningstar Report Newsletter, as well as check out his online classes in such subjects as remote viewing and entity contact (write to RobertMorningstar@Proton.me for more info).

Ukraine and the Putin Mindset

Professor emeritus of peace and world-security studies at Hampshire College, Michael T. Klare, has written on nuclear escalation and the dangers of America's growing petroleum dependency. In the first hour, he discussed how the war in Ukraine is at a decisive turning point, and insights into Vladimir Putin's strategies. Putin is in a desperate situation with Russia's economy declining because of the sanctions, and "the only thing he still holds onto is control of the oil and gas industry," he commented. The invasion of Ukraine is a product of Putin's "imperial mindset" and determination to restore the Russian empire, Klare explained. He believes that Putin is capable of using tactical nuclear weapons in the conflict but doesn't think he would launch them in the present circumstances, as they don't offer much battlefield advantage, and the price of international isolation would be too high. 

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