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Anxiety & Mindfulness / Enhancing Consciousness

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Psychotherapist, author, and interfaith minister Nancy Colier is an expert on empowerment, well-being, and mindfulness. In the first half, she addressed the increase in anxiety and depression, even as many are focused on well-being. All day long, we have "ticker tape thoughts" coming at us, she noted, and many of them are fearful or involve catastrophizing. The problem is that we identify with these thoughts, engage with them, and take them as truths, she explained. We can take control of our relationship to our thoughts-- and recognize that they may not be accurate or are trying to scare us. We can decide what we want to take in and interact with from our minds, she continued, adding that "the biggest creator of our anxiety is our own mind."

Technology and social media create the illusion that everyone is living the good life and contributes to a sense of dissatisfaction and that we are missing out, she said, which can particularly affect young people. Practicing mindfulness techniques (like being aware of one's thoughts and not identifying with them) can help reduce anxiety, Colier stated. Mindfulness includes "being in the present moment and witnessing everything that's arising in your field of awareness." As far as depression goes, positive thinking doesn't always help in a significant way, as it can act more like a band-aid to the problem, she added.


Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium, and inspirational speaker passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. In the latter half, she spoke about how we can navigate our journey into consciousness to experience aliveness and to heal and thrive. Wilson described her intuitive gifts as clairsentience (acquiring knowledge through feeling) and claircognizance (a sense of knowing). As we can absorb negative energy as we go about our lives, Wilson suggested practicing "good energetic hygiene," which involves clearing our energy and chakras, along with grounding and centering.

Another method she recommended is "cord-cutting," where an individual clears out the energy from a past relationship or issue. This is accomplished by swiping the hand over the abdominal area or solar plexus and saying, "I cut forth and clear energy to anyone and anything that no longer serves me in a healthy, balanced, and positive way." This facilitates clearing out low vibration or fear-based energy, she detailed. Wilson also talked about the divination tools she developed, such as the Cards of Empowerment, which offer visual cues to help people pull answers that they already have within themselves. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Sandra Champlain


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