Ghostly Encounters

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Ghostly Encounters

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Author Leslie Rule joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) to share accounts she has collected from years of research into ghostly encounters in the United States, as well as discuss why ghosts are here in the first place and how locations become haunted. "The leading theory is that earthbound spirits don't move on and they're usually associated with a traumatic or violent deaths, and the spirits have not yet realized they're dead," Rule explained, noting spirits who move on are able to come back and visit while earthbound spirits are stuck. Sometimes earthbound spirits can be helped through prayer or the work of a psychic, she added.

Rule recounted a story about the Hotel Pontiac which locals claim is haunted by a woman in white frequently seen roaming the hallways there. The legend says the ghost is of a bride who died in a fire on her honeymoon but Rule believes the woman in white may have a different origin. According to Rule, in July 1912 two women worked as servers in a hotel directly behind the Hotel Pontiac, and one night after their shifts they took a tragic boat ride. The boat tipped over and the two women drowned, Rule reported. It is likely one or both of these women now haunt the hallways of the Hotel Pontiac as the woman in white, she suggested.

"Sometimes houses are haunted because of an antique that was brought in," Rule continued. She shared details from a case from Lake Canandaigua. During a visit there, a neighbor told Rule about a local antique dealer who received an unusual call from a woman requesting he remove a dresser from her home. "She'd been seeing the faces of ghosts in the mirror, and she thought that they were the face of people who had committed suicide in the house," Rule revealed. The dealer did take the dresser from the house and another person bought the supposed haunted furniture, but Rule could not confirm if the ghosts left the original home. "I think it's rare when you actually bring in a piece of furniture with a ghost attached," she admitted, adding objects have energy because we leave energy on everything we touch and everyplace we go.

Michigan UFO Case

In the first hour, Michigan MUFON director Bill Konkolesky reported on a famous Michigan UFO case from March 8, 1994, depicted on a recent episode of Unsolved Mysteries, involving over 300 witnesses who reported circular flashing lights in the sky. "I was still looking forward to becoming a [MUFON] field investigator when this all happened," Konkolesky revealed, noting more than 60 calls were made to various police precincts in the area that evening. Officer Jeff Velthouse was sent to the home of a family who had made one of the reports, and when he arrived Velthouse also witnessed a large stationary disc-shaped object with lights around it, Konkolesky disclosed.

Jack Bushong from the National Weather Service noticed three thumbnail-sized objects on his radar that were large, solid, and reflective, he continued. The objects shot off his screen at what Bushong estimated was around 72,000 miles per hour. The large disc-shaped objects where joined by several dozen other objects over the middle of Lake Michigan where they vanished, Konkolesky added.

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