Supply Chain Disruptions / Interactions with Angels

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Supply Chain Disruptions / Interactions with Angels

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In the first half, author, investment banker, and risk manager James Rickards discussed supply chain disruptions and inflation, and their effects on the world economy. The extended supply chain of food and goods involves a complex series of sources and vendors, he explained, so in a sense, "the supply chain is not part of the is the economy." There is nothing "that we eat, touch, wear, buy, sell, whatever that you can think of, that is not the product of some supply chain," he added. Globalization really kicked into gear in the 1990s, and "all of a sudden, these supply chains were 9,000 miles long" and were driven by efficiency or lower costs. However, he pointed out, there are hidden costs that have become more prominent in recent years-- one little breakdown can shut down the whole system in a domino effect. He foresees a return of manufacturing jobs to America because of global problems.

As an example of a breakdown, he cited the automotive industry, which uses about 100 miles of wire in each car, and these are run through plastic conduits. Such conduits were manufactured in Ukraine, and their unavailability during the war caused BMW and Volkswagen to shut down major assembly lines until they could find a new source. Rickards reported that there is currently a shortage of truck drivers, as older ones are retiring, and there were some shutdowns during COVID. Further, even though the unemployment rate is low, the labor force participation rate has decreased, with 10 million working-age Americans not looking for jobs. Rickards predicted a slowdown in 2023, with oil prices not coming down because of the protracted Russia/Ukraine situation. He also expressed concern about the coming of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a digital dollar said to replace cash, which he believes will erode privacy by tracking our expenditures.


In the latter half, author and modern-day Irish mystic Lorna Byrne spoke about her lifetime of vivid encounters and conversations with angels and the spirit realm. Able to see angels since she was a child, Byrne described her struggles with dyslexia, which interfered with her capability to read and write-- later, new forms of technology enabled her to compose her books. Guardian angels are a gift from God, and can be considered the "gatekeeper of your soul," she declared. These guides are always with us and offer constant unconditional love and help, she continued. When trying to communicate with your guardian angel, say hello to them and ask to be given a sign-- many ask for a feather or a flower, she shared.

Angels are composed of light, and sometimes they have wings, she detailed. They are neither male nor female, though they may appear as we need them to be, she added, and their eyes are amazing-- they glitter like stars in the night sky. Byrne indicated that their clothing is part of them and can have incredible colors and change at will. At times, particularly when we are struggling or stressed, angels may appear to us in human form, she said, citing an incident when she conversed with Archangel Michael, who was dressed as a priest. "He gave such a human appearance that when there were two priests walking towards us," they actually said "Hello, Father" to him.

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