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In the first half, author and UFO researcher Kevin Randle discussed the Roswell incident, the state of ufology, and various theories and cases. His most recent book Understanding Roswell takes a fresh look at the famed UFO case from 1947. Based on all the evidence, Randle has concluded that the best explanation is that something extraterrestrial crashed in New Mexico and was clandestinely recovered by the government. As to why classic UFO cases seem to be on the decline, he suggested that it may be that ETs came here to collect samples or conduct experiments and have now completed their missions.

Because of a lack of solid evidence, Randle is somewhat skeptical of the contention that aliens are here to create hybrids and replace the human race. There is definitely evidence for alien abduction though, he noted, citing the 1973 Hickson/Parker case in Pascagoula as particularly compelling. Regarding Zecharia Sitchin's research about the ancient Anunnaki aliens coming to Earth to mine gold, Randle wonders why beings would come all the way to our planet, when they could mine such minerals on asteroids or other locations. In cases where witnesses see alien craft, something in the ship's power or operation may create anomalous or inexplicable electromagnetic effects, he said, like the Zamora case in Socorro, NM, where a plant near where the craft had landed was smoking but not hot.


Kathleen Dayan worked as a lawyer and wrote in her spare time. Some personal losses led her to a spiritual journey that resulted in her channeling the spirits of her loved ones and spirit guides. In the latter half, she talked about becoming a full-time medium, and writing a book based on the principles she'd learned. One of her first communications with the deceased was with her sister Mary during a vivid dream. Subsequently, she began to learn more about spirit communication at Spiritualist churches. One of the most powerful experiences she has encountered is "table tipping"-- a form of physical mediumship in which people sit at a round table, and a spirit that wishes to communicate reportedly starts moving the table and tapping out messages.

While loved ones may have passed out of this world, "they're no longer sick, they're no longer in pain, they still love us, and they're right here supporting us," she remarked. Dayan has concluded that the soul never dies and that reincarnation is real. Her novel, Before We Were Born, is about two people who purposefully reincarnate together, but one of them dies, and the other must learn to communicate with them on the Other Side. She cited several extraordinary reincarnation cases, including James Leininger, who, as a young child, recalled his life as a WWII fighter pilot, and a boy in Sri Lanka who remembered his life as a monk with precise details.

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