Angels & Demons / UFOs & ET Contact

Angels & Demons / UFOs & ET Contact


HostConnie Willis

GuestsJune Lundgren, James Gilliland

June Lundgren is a paranormal consultant specializing in negative entities, a psychic medium, animal communicator, demon seer, international author, and nurse. She joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to talk about various entities, including warrior angels and the need for help in the world today. Lundgren revealed how her abilities provide insight for nursing work. "I could see if there was an attachment or if there was a loved one that was with them, and a lot of times the loved one would tell me things the patient would tell the doctor," she said. Lundgren disclosed how loved ones stay with you even if they died when you were too young to know or remember them. They have advice for you, and it is what the person needs to hear at the time, she noted.

Lundgren described demons known as minions which can look like anything and get inside a person's brain, where they control and manipulate. "They'll give you bouts of anger, depression, they'll make you do things you normally would not do," she continued. Lundgren claimed to speak with the archangel Michael and to have been merged with a demon-slaying angel. She reported on warrior angels, which number 30,000 in physical form and 300,000 in spirit form. Warrior angels are trained by the Legion of Light, and each one has a specialty, such as fighting, healing, or strategy, she explained. "They're here to protect us... against the negative energies," she said.


In the latter half, author, lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer, and contactee James Gilliland, discussed video and photo evidence he has of UFOs demonstrating intense activity, and why he believes they're here. "There's a mass effort to keep this information away," Gilliland disclosed, noting how he told the producers of Ancient Aliens exactly when ships would appear and they missed it. "I don't think it was ever their intention to cover it," he said. Gilliland recalled his lecture at the International UFO Congress, where he announced the specific time a large ship would arrive in the area. "A massive triangle ship came over, and then a golden orange lightship came over, and there was some kind of exchange between them... a beam went between the two," he revealed.

Gilliland reported on UFOs at his ECETI Ranch in Hawaii, where activity has picked up phenomenally. "I'll see at least eight or nine ships a night, sometimes up to fifteen or twenty," he said, noting he has seen 200 in a single night at ECETI Ranch in Washington. According to Gilliland, the massive ships respond to his presence and put on a show. "You feel the energy when they power up," he added. They are self-illuminated, usually multi-colored, in different shapes (triangular, saucer, and cylindrical), and most definitely not satellites, Gilliland asserted. He talked about some of the beings on these ships, pointing out there are benevolent beings out there that have conquered disease, and have anti-gravity technology and unlimited energy. "The people that want to keep us enslaved through dependency don't want that kind of contact," Gilliland suggested.



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