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Uri Geller is the world's most investigated and celebrated paranormalist. He is famous around the globe for his mind-bending psychic powers and has led a unique life shrouded in debate, controversy, and mystery. Uri has been studied by scientists who worked with Albert Einstein, worked with the FBI and CIA, has been a pupil of Salvador Dali, and is also related to Sigmund Freud. He joined George Noory to discuss his remarkable abilities, using mind power to prevent war, and receiving evidence of ETs from Wernher von Braun.

Geller outlined his work with the Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel. "Mossad did not have the tools to test my powers - they knew I was bringing them good information like a remote viewer does, but they didn't know how and they wanted to know how," he recalled. Mossad asked the CIA to investigate Geller, and soon astronaut Edgar Mitchell reached out to bring him to the United States for testing. According to Geller, a tiepin Mitchell had lost years earlier materialized in the ice cream Geller was eating. After several other tests, the CIA considered Geller had demonstrated his paranormal perception abilities in a convincing and unambiguous manner, he added.

In addition, the U.S. government wanted to discover if Geller's mind could potentially trigger a nuclear weapon. "UFOs and alien forces are watching us... they basically do not want our planet to be destroyed by nuclear bombs," he revealed. Geller reported on a letter he recently sent to Russian president Vladimir Putin warning him "nuclear weapons are no match for my mind power."

He also recounted the time Wernher von Braun showed him something from another world. "Wernher von Braun opens the safe, and inside I see a piece of metal maybe twelve and a half inches in length," Geller explained, noting he had never seen such a color, and the piece looked like it was breathing. When Geller touched it, he immediately knew it was extraterrestrial in origin, a fact von Braun confirmed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. George from Pennsylvania commented on the piece of metal Uri Geller said he was given to touch by Wernher von Braun. George suggested it was made of bismuth and part of an anti-gravitational system where the metal spins between fields until the counter-rotational forces produce an anti-gravity effect. The train sound one hears from a tornado is caused by the electrical phenomena of the storm flipping to gravitational mode, he revealed. George also claimed to have created his own anti-gravity device.

Marcy in San Diego gave insight into the deaths of Elvis Presley and his daughter, Lisa Marie. When Elvis died, an ambulance driver who had briefly stepped into the halls of Graceland reported seeing a huge man with white hair being brought out, she reported, noting the paramedic could not believe this person was Elvis. According to Marcy, Elvis' problems were he was never told no and was excessively indulgent. Lisa Marie likely fell into the same negative routine, especially with her in-and-out-again rehab experiences, Marcy added.

Mary from New Jersey recalled a recent story she heard in the news about a 13-year-old girl in the U.K. with a deadly and incurable form of leukemia. The girl underwent a procedure in which the T cells of another person were inserted into her body, where they destroyed all of her T cells, both the good and the bad, Mary recalled. She then received a bone marrow transplant and is now free of the cancer, Mary added.

The final half-hour featured a replay from 6/28/2021 of hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb discussing regression therapy in children to uncover their ET encounters.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith / Kevin Randle

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