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Investigating Cryptids / Treasure Hunting

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Javier Morales and Jesus Lopez of Cryptid559 joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to share their extraordinary experiences investigating cryptid and UFO encounters in the heart of California. Morales explained how he started the amateur research group in 2017 by gathering like-minded friends at an area called Avocado Lake about 30 minutes east of Fresno. There were stories about a family of Bigfoot in the region, and we wanted to experience something, he noted. "We can say that not only is Bigfoot running around here in the Central Valley but Dogman and other cryptids that we've come across in our research," Lopez said. "It's also a hot spot area for UFOs," Morales added.

Morales recounted the time in 2018 when he and his cousin went to conduct research at a bridge that crosses the Kings River. They were using night vision goggles, and Morales' cousin noticed what he thought was eye shine below at the river. "I lowered my night vision goggles to my chest, I turn around, and all of sudden I see this huge creature waving its muscular arms up in the air," Morales recalled. He described the beast as powerfully built and standing eight to ten feet tall with the head of a canine and the hands of a human. It also appeared the creature was wearing ripped shorts and running on all four legs, Morales continued. Lopez pointed out they found a large and unexplainable footprint which they believe belonged to the Dogman/Werewolf.


Captain Martin Bayerle has for over forty years relentlessly pursued the truth about the fabled treasure aboard the White Star Liner RMS Republic when it sank in 1909. In the latter half of the program, Bayerle gave an update on his quest to identify and recover what one treasure book from the 1930s referred to as "riches beyond most men's wildest dreams." The Republic was rumored to be carrying a $3 million cargo of coins that would be valued today at around $1 billion, he explained. "We've since come into information... that the $3 million on the wreck... was only part of a $25 million shipment," Bayerle continued, noting that amount would be worth up to $8 billion today.

Bayerle spoke about his research into the financial history surrounding the cargo aboard the Republic. He uncovered a shipment in the amount of $800,000 ($200 million today) to be used for U.S. government Navy payroll, and expressed certainty the payroll cargo is still with the sunken vessel. According to Bayerle, the rumored $3 million cargo on the Republic is also a solid figure. It was to be used for a short-term loan needed by Russia to cover the difference between selling $25 million in bonds in 1909 for a discounted $22 million. The $3 million was to cover the gap, he disclosed. Bayerle is convinced the $22 million from the bond sale is also likely aboard the submerged wreckage.

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