Berkshires UFO Incident / Phoenix Lights

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Berkshires UFO Incident / Phoenix Lights

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Thom Reed, founder of Miami Models and the son of an attorney and politician, is the key witness to the Berkshires UFO incident. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) in the first half of the show to detail the 1969 Berkshires UFO incident and his family's connection to the Space Race. The case is so noteworthy the city of Roswell research library assisted the Massachusetts Historical Society and their lawyer to get Reed's incident formally inducted into the state record as historically true. It's also the first UFO incident to be officially archived in the United Nations. "Over 250 witnesses saw these craft... in and around the Berkshires, primarily Sheffield," Reed reported, noting he was with his mother, grandmother, and brother at the time of the sighting.

Reed and his family were heading home after locking up their restaurant. His mother decided to take a shortcut that went through Upper Sheffield Covered Bridge. "The whole thing started with this white sphere, and it looked like a cue ball from a pool table," Reed explained, recalling how it rose up from the banks of the Housatonic River. He described the spherical object as solid and crisp, and about the size of four Volkswagen Beetles. It shot two rods into the river, then retracted them, and started moving in the direction we were going, Reed remembered. The object went behind a line of trees, and his family lost sight of it.

According to Reed, there was another sphere - this one orange - that his brother had been watching on the opposite side of the car. It stayed near the water, he said. Reed also saw what he described as a giant turtle shell hovering 30 feet over a field, and a flash of light illuminated everything in the car. What happened after this was even more bizarre. Reed reported waking up in a large empty area like an aircraft hangar when he felt something grab his arm and push him through a door. He described seeing two 4-5 ft tall beings with ant-like heads and thin bodies with arms and legs like bamboo. They stood upright on their back legs, Reed disclosed. After this, he woke back up in his mother's car.


Lynne Dumin Kitei is celebrating the 26th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights mass UAP event on March 13, 1997. She has been working diligently on a scientific study for the past year and has riveting findings from the over 500 participants worldwide who experienced the Phoenix Lights and similar UAP. During the latter half of the program, Kitei shared those results, claiming there is much more to the Phoenix Lights story 26 years after the historic 1997 event.

Kitei reported capturing objects similar to the Phoenix Lights on 35mm film two years before the mass sighting. "I saw them myself cloaking right in front of me, these orbs," she admitted, adding that the experience was so profound she ultimately gave up her medical career to pursue the truth about the Phoenix Lights. According to Kitei, she also saw identical lights two months before the March 13, 1997 sighting and captured those as well. She described seeing a mile-wide formation of lights as it formed into a V-shape.

Regarding her new research study, Kitei revealed it is the first project of its kind to focus scientifically on the Phoenix Lights. She created a survey for Coast listeners who have had similar experiences. Kitei has discovered witnesses have also often encountered orb phenomena, other anomalous triangle- and boomerang-shaped craft, and near-death experiences. Her goal with the study is to quantify and evaluate the long-term effects of these enigmatic phenomena. Kitei noted there is likely a connection between all unexplained phenomena, and the majority of people who have experienced the Phoenix Lights, in particular, have reported having profound enlightenment and a positive transformation because of it.

Related: Accomplished remote viewer Daz Smith and Dr. Kitei have also been working on a special Phoenix Lights project that has just been posted. Take a look.

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