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Angel Guidance

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Michael André Ford is an American angel intuitive who pulls back the veil so people can meet, hear, and see angels and other loving guides. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) for the entire program to discuss angels, and how we can welcome them and enlist their help in our lives. Benevolent spirit beings, according to Ford, are happy to assist with all matters and shed light on your unique life path and the opportunities before you (Related Images).

"I help people let go long enough to get out of thinking, out of the hustle and bustle, to get into their heart... and when they're in the here and now, they get to connect with the universe," Ford said. Connie described her session with Ford, where she had experienced a warm feeling come over her and "even had [an angel] that was flying around me." According to Ford, that warm feeling or goosebumps one gets during his sessions is an angelic encounter, and happens when the beings are "hugging" and "kissing" the individual who has opened up to the experience.

Ford described angels as beings of unconditional love who do not interfere but stand ready to assist us. They are always here, and live in and around us, he noted. If you focus on having a guardian angel, they're with you, Ford revealed, noting one should make a request to them, trust it has been heard, and watch for what happens. "Angels are here, welcome them and use them," he added. Ford also pointed out he merely makes the introduction, after which the person gets to meet their own angel team.

Thinking can get in the way of these life-changing angelic encounters, Ford continued. "Thinking is taking you out of the moment; thinking is often times a waste of energy," he explained, adding "all the good stuff in life happens when you're in your heart." When one can be in the moment and acknowledge there are no limits, anything is possible, Ford suggested. One can connect with angels, loving guides, departed relatives, beloved pets, and you can ask for anything, and they know how to answer you, he disclosed.

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