Ancient 'Alien' Artifacts / ET Interactions

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Ancient 'Alien' Artifacts / ET Interactions

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his new documentary (view trailer and related material) exploring ancient artifacts found in the Americas that have alien motifs. He spoke about some of the finds discovered in quarried stone areas on private property in Mexico in 2022, using ground penetrating radar. The discoveries, including a 'flying saucer'-shaped disc with a sculpture in its center of an entity with an elongated skull, were dug up in real time on video to demonstrate their authenticity. In the documentary, Jesse G, the 'Director of Antiquities' for Quayle's Gensix Productions, said he spent 40 days "investigating ancient artifacts that disclose information of extraterrestrial interaction with humans."

The artifacts, Quayle believes, depict Reptilian winged creatures, which he considers to be representations of the Bible's fallen angels. These fallen angels mated with human women and produced the giants, he continued. "When the giants died...that hybrid spirit became what are called demons," intelligent entities that can possess people and even inanimate objects, Quayle claimed. He also delved into what he called the "Smithsonian cover-up," in which the institute denied the legitimacy of various artifacts or that they even existed. 90% of the Grand Canyon is off-limits, and one witness told Quayle he saw giant mummies being taken out of there.


Veteran UFO researcher and experiencer, Tony Topping, has been connected to the UFO phenomenon for over 40 years. In the latter half, he revealed his involvement in a complex intelligence operation called SCOVS, where he experienced contact with various alien beings, including Nordics and Greys. He described UFO sightings in the UK in the 1990s in which the craft seemed to interact with him and radio antennas. Subsequently, Topping said he was the victim of various mind control efforts like voice-to-skull technology, and realized he was part of a time travel operation, where he was like a node in an information network. "The Nordic ET from Andromeda was communicating with an Earth agency in the future," he explained. We are not experiencing an alien invasion, he added; it's more like "an alien Cold War."

Topping described an unpleasant encounter with Greys in his room, accompanied by bizarre distortions of time and reality. A majestic divine force intervened, and the Greys vacated, he detailed. Discussing his interactions with various ETs (see related artwork), he said he had repeated visions of a blonde, blue-eyed female with a triangular face who hails from a maritime planet in another dimension. There was also a heavenly 'Green Lady' who appeared to Topping during a low point in his life, and said she came from the Epsilon Bootis system. According to her, there is a galactic community of twelve groups, and around 50 different alien types.

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