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In the first half, spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen discussed the concept of heaven, as detailed in her book What's Your Heaven?. Each of us has a "soul contract" that allows us to learn what our spiritual assignments on Earth are, she explained. Among the lessons we can learn on this journey are that we are all connected as part of a divine network of souls, and that we have the ability to awaken into a consciousness of the rhyme and reason behind the chaos of everyday life. We're not alone in our lessons, because of what Rosen called the "team spirit" of the universe: the infinite number of fellow living people, souls in the afterlife, angels, and spirit guides that support and help us along the way.

The result of this learning is that we raise our cosmic vibrations to a new level, Rosen claimed. Miracles, psychic abilities, and spiritual mediumship are all within reach as we increase our energy levels in this way. Ultimately, we are called to pay our team spirit forward in the form of helping others on their own spiritual journey. This, Rosen argued, is what it means to have heaven in the here and now— not after our physical death.


In the Open Lines that followed in the second half, Alisa in Oregon shared that she believes she's being followed by a group of interdimensional beings that are responsible for her misfortunes over the past few years. The beings aren't visible with the naked eye, she went on, but she's captured them with her home video surveillance system. Calling from Washington, Chuckie posed a question to George: if Jesus Christ were to appear before him with an offer of a trip to heaven, would he immediately agree to it, or would he ask for Jesus to provide some kind of identification? George replied that while he wasn't sure he would demand to see the savior's ID, he would want to know whether he could visit heaven for a short period. And Bob in California expressed his skepticism about the official accounts of the 2017 Las Vegas concert shooting that left dozens dead and hundreds injured. There were many more shooters involved, Bob claimed, than Stephen Paddock, the suspect identified by police, including those embedded in the crowd and overhead in helicopters. In fact, the shootings continued for over an hour after Paddock killed himself in his hotel room, asserted Bob. Furthermore, he noted, Paddock's window was broken from the outside, there were no empty shells in his room, and it's never been proven that bullets from his rifle match any of those found in victims' bodies.

In the last half hour, part of a 2016 broadcast was replayed, in which author Elizabeth Greenwood discussed cases of people who faked their own deaths.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken / Kevin Randle

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