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Shroud of Turin / Tuning in to Spirit

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Barrie Schwortz was the documenting photographer in the first in-depth scientific examination of the Shroud of Turin in 1978, and in 2009 he founded the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association. In the first half, he discussed the history and meaning of the Shroud and why many believe it was wrapped around Jesus during the Resurrection. The 14-ft.-long woven linen cloth bears the front and back image of a crucified and speared man and is housed in Turin, Italy. In 1988, a small piece of the fabric was radiocarbon dated to 1260 to 1390 rather than the time of Jesus, but Schwortz was critical of this testing as they only used a single sample from the cloth and that might have had contamination.

Through his examination of the Shroud using spectral analysis, he concluded that the image was not in any way painted on the surface. Nor was it created through a photograph process (though the image is seen in reverse like a photographic negative), as there is no light-sensitive silver or emulsion on the fabric. We still don't know the mechanism of how the image was made, and "we don't have enough exclude a natural image formation," though he admitted, this doesn't rule out the possibility that it was Jesus' actual burial cloth. Schwortz pointed out that the bearded man with long hair and a crown of thorns seen on the Shroud influenced how Jesus became depicted over the years, as earlier, he was portrayed as a bald man with a laurel wreath.


Bill Philipps is a psychic medium offering individual, small-group, and large-audience readings. In the latter half, he talked about how to reconnect to that spiritual nature we had as children, honor our grief without being overwhelmed by it, and set intentions to manifest the life we desire. "We're all antennas walking around this Earth receiving data," and we can tap into our guidance system and stop looking for answers outside ourselves, he remarked. "It's really a matter of tuning out the ego mind," which can be doubtful of divine guidance, and engaging in a dialogue with our all-knowing self, he continued.

According to Philipps, we all have spirit guides helping us, and in some cases, they can be family members-- he revealed that his deceased mother serves as one of his guides. He spoke about the practice of cutting cords to protect your energy boundaries. This relates to unhelpful energies that we can pick up from other people or anything that can vibrate energy, he said, and it's important to clear out these cords on a daily basis. This can be done via meditation, such as by visualizing the cords connected to the solar plexus and asking for assistance (from Archangel Michael, for instance) in severing the ones that do not serve us the highest good, he detailed. During the last hour, he gave readings for callers.

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