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Antarctic Mysteries / Open Lines

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Guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) was joined by author Brad Olsen for a discussion into the mysteries buried beneath the surface of Antarctica and the various expeditions to the icy continent, including those by Germany in the Nazi era (Related Media). Olsen revealed the possible location of a region of Antarctica referred to as the "Illuminati Disneyland," where massive ships and ancient civilizations are trapped under the ice. The area is one degree past the south side of the South Pole and is inexplicably part of a no fly zone, he explained. It is the rumored location of "the giant hole under the ice" that Admiral Byrd discovered on his expedition, Olsen added.

Purported diary entries credited to Byrd describe a large several kilometers wide hole which is the entry into the Hollow Earth, he continued, noting Byrd supposedly saw green valleys and woolly mammoths down there. Two ships intercepted his plane forcing him down to a crystal city where he met with the Master, Olsen revealed. "They had German accents and there were swastikas and other Third Reich insignias both on their uniforms and on the craft," he said. Olsen suggested the Germans could have utilized under-ice rivers to navigate their U-boats into these under-ice caverns or domes that could have been heated by geothermal processes.

According to Olsen, there are three massive crafts in the same region that are locked in the ice but have been partially exposed through melting. These three motherships are known to U.S. intelligence agencies, he revealed. An excavation uncovered the grill of a machine about a quarter of a mile long. The craft is definitely not a natural formation and was clearly constructed for very tall inhabitants, Olsen disclosed, adding these giants were in stasis but have recently started waking up.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Brendan from Austin, Texas, phoned in to discuss the circumstances surrounding JFK's assassination. The bullet that hit JFK would have had too much force to leave much brain material behind, he revealed. According to Brendan, the bullet would have been from a pistol at close range, and not from a rifle at a distance.

Mike in Delaware talked about something his military father, a radar calibration specialist, once saw while on a top-secret flight from Tehran, Iran through Turkey. When they were over the mountains where Mt. Ararat is located, the pilot called for passengers to look out the window to see the remnants of Noah's Ark, he explained. According to Mike, his father told him this account on his deathbed, and the story was also reported by a caller on Coast to Coast 11 years ago. "There's a lot of people that have seen [Noah's Ark], it is there, there's no question about it," he said.

Paul in Charlotte, North Carolina, shared an interesting occurrence from a drag race he attended shortly after his father had passed away. "I was watching one of the Top Fuel drag racing teams work on their car, and all of a sudden there was this elderly gentleman next to me," he recalled. The man knew Paul had recently lost his father and told him he was going to be fine. Paul remembered looking down for a moment, then back up to find the older man had disappeared.

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