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Astrology Update / Morgellons & ET Technology

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In the first half, astrologer and author Mark Lerner discussed the nature of astrology and the various celestial alignments that are significant for the rest of the year. Pluto, the planet of the underworld, mysteries, and secrets, has a 247-year cycle that has returned to America's chart (begun in 1776) this year. The Pluto effects can have a storm-like quality, he said, but that doesn't mean it's all bad-- wealth, world power, and spirituality may be favored at this time if we tap into the depths of ourselves. "Every full moon is a time of illumination" (the next one will be close to America's birthday, July 4) and an ideal occasion for meditation and sending out healing prayers and energies around the planet, he remarked.

A partial lunar eclipse in October could be of concern in the banking/finance sector, he indicated. Venus, the planet of love, romance, and creative artistry, is going retrograde starting July 22nd (and running through September 3rd), he announced. But in spite of the planet moving in reverse, this six-week period may be a time when the traits of Venus can work for you, he added (for more on this topic, check out his Astroscope podcast). Lerner also talked about "electional astrology," which helps people choose the most auspicious times or dates for scheduling important events or purchases. During the last hour, he gave readings to callers.


A powerful channeling medium and healer from England, Christopher Macklin utilizes divine healing techniques cultivated through communications with the spirit world and extraterrestrials. In the latter half, he shared his contention that various ET or off-world technologies are being used to create such diseases as Morgellons as part of a sinister depopulation agenda. He named various alien groups, like the Anunnaki, Luciferians, Draconians, Archons, and the Greys, as particularly malevolent regarding humans. According to Macklin, the Greys are the ones that introduced the nanotechnology that causes Morgellons, and it's transmitted to the human population through chemtrails, foods, and other methods.

Morgellons, a controversial disease or condition, is characterized by skin lesions, intense itching, the appearance of fibrous strands, and the sense of something crawling under the skin. Macklin claimed that he saw one of the sufferers pull a Morgellons fiber out of his skin near his chin, and it was a staggering foot and a half long. It wriggled around for a moment but could not survive on its own, he added. Macklin further described seeing tiny insect-like particles from Morgellons patients, and said if they were viewed under an electron microscope, "you could actually see a US patent number on the particle," as the nanosphere or nanotube technology was transferred to the US government/military by the Greys. Because the technology was created off-planet, it is difficult to treat, he suggested, though he has developed an intensive protocol for Morgellons and other "manufactured diseases" that is said to reset a person's DNA.

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