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Yogic Practice & Simulation Theory / Haunting Investigations

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In the first half, entrepreneur and author Rizwan "Riz" Virk discussed how the ancient lessons of karma, yoga, meditation, and Siddhas translate into the modern age. He specifically looked at the wisdom and insights expressed in Paramahansa Yogananda's classic book "Autobiography of a Yogi," first published in 1946. The stilling of the mind's thoughts, feelings, and desires is one of the key practices of Yogananda's teachings, as in this state, one can receive deeper intuitions, Virk recounted. In the case of Yogananda, he felt he had a karmic calling to go to the Himalayas, but it turned out his guru was in Calcutta, so one of the lessons for him was that enlightenment may not be far away or in a remote location.

The late Steve Jobs went to India seeking enlightenment and was said to be very moved by the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" and read it every year, he noted. Virk also touched on his work on the Simulation Hypothesis - the idea that our physical reality, far from being a solid physical universe, is part of an increasingly sophisticated video game-like simulation. Virk related Yogananda's writings to the simulation theory, in that during WWI, he asked God how there could be so much suffering and got the message: 'Life and death were relative to the cosmic dream,' and the world is made of light in the same way that newsreels and movies were projecting scenes of death and destruction, with the actors choosing these roles and scripts. The end game of a simulated world may be to test out different possibilities to see what will happen, Virk added.


Founder of the paranormal investigation group Phantom Detectives, Joshua Chaires, conducts investigations in private homes and businesses that report paranormal activity. In the latter half, he talked about the use of scientific methods and various technologies to investigate the paranormal, including EMF and K2 meters and lighted dowsing rods. He described his role as the co-founder of the Summerwind Restoration Society, developing a haunted mansion in Wisconsin as a bed and breakfast. Reports of hauntings at the site included disembodied voices and rooms that were said to change shape. He also talked about investigations at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, where EVP recordings picked up strange, terrifying growling sounds in the basement, and a thermal imaging camera captured what he believes may be a full-body apparition.

One of their most intense investigations was at a private home in Philadelphia in 2021. A security camera at the residence picked up bedsheets being pulled off and other ghostly phenomena, and there was reportedly alien abduction activity as well, Chaires recalled. A member of their team, psychic medium Melissa, sensed the spirit of an older woman, and foul-mouthed spirit voices were heard on the 'ghost box.' A thermal camera picked up a partial body apparition, and the team concluded three separate spirits haunted the home, he detailed. As far as methods to banish unfriendly or unwanted spirits, burning sage and putting holy water on doorways can be helpful, Chaires suggested.

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