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Economic Crisis / Spiritual Journey

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In the first half, researcher and author Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., discussed his latest work on the relationship between a deep economic crisis and an increase in the price of gold. In America, he believes we are on the verge of a real estate and housing crisis. The middle class has been squeezed, and the transition to renewable energy is proving to be very costly, plus the level of the national debt is massive, with the Treasury just printing more and more money, he outlined. "The interest on the debt has reached a trillion dollars a year, which is a staggering amount. So these factors together kind of form a perfect storm. And I think the economy is already slowing down. Coming in the fall, which is when crashes usually occur, I would expect the stock market's going to take a pretty deep hit," he warned.

When there is worry about US debt and economic stability, investors have historically flocked to gold, which drives up the price, he suggested. "Even right now, the central banks are buying gold like crazy," said Corsi. The stock market could drop dramatically, and he's concerned for people saving in their IRAs for retirement, who may not have time to recover. "So if you could put some of that retirement savings...into gold, you've got a hedge against the stock market collapsing because the gold will do better over time," he advised. Cautious about cryptocurrency investing, he compared it to gambling and noted it's not backed by anything. "Another reason why gold is going to be important is because it's tangible. It's a value you can hold," he added. Corsi also offered commentary on current geopolitical scenarios.


Phill Webster is an author, actor, spiritual seeker, and medium. In the latter half, he shared how an unexplained event, coupled with a devastating loss, sent him on a mystical journey, exploring the highest states of intuition, the connection between consciousness and our authentic selves, and whether we survive physical death. During the pandemic lockdown, he called his mother on FaceTime, and amid the conversation, he saw an unidentified older male on the screen, though she said she was alone. The next morning, he got a call telling him that his mother had died from a heart attack. It was a shock as she had some medical problems, but not necessarily dire. He eventually came to believe that the mysterious figure he saw on his mother's screen was a spirit guide arriving there at her time of passing.

Sometime after her death, Webster had a strange but disturbing epiphany about how time was non-linear and always in the 'now,' which doctors initially diagnosed as a form of psychosis. A different psychiatrist suggested that Webster was undergoing a kind of awakening— a shamanic rite of passage, and he was, in fact, a mystic. He started to work with grounding meditations and eventually began to explore otherworldly realms and mediumship. Webster detailed an experience in which a spirit guide downloaded information into his head, and he saw a holographic grid all around him that then faded away.

During the last half-hour, George featured an interview with astronaut Buzz Aldrin from 5/26/2010 in honor of the anniversary of the July 20, 1969 moon landing.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Kevin Randle

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