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UAPs & Infrared / Open Lines

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Former Air Force One engineer Dr. Wilbur Allen claims he has been a contactee since being implanted in his childhood. Since then, he has forensically documented UAP sightings using infrared technology he developed, tracking activity in the night sky. In the first hour, Allen joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) to discuss spacial anomalies consistent with what has been seen through night vision goggles. He's captured over 3,000 images of the "Tic Tac" craft that have been discussed in the media recently, for example. His images, taken with extremely sensitive photographic technology, are critical to gathering information about UAP, he went on, because in most cases what his instruments capture is invisible to the naked eye.

Allen asserted that crashed ET spacecraft and their occupants have been stored at Langley Air Force Base, as well as at Area 51. At these locations, the military is able to reverse engineer ET craft in order to put it to use for their own purposes, he explained. Allen acknowledged that at least for him, the specific purpose of these entities' missions is unknown, but he believes that any crashes in American territory have been intentional; ET visitors are "playing favorites," allowing the United States to benefit from the competitive edge gained in borrowing alien technology, he said.

Allen also shared his analysis of the congressional UAP hearings that took place this week. In his view, the military is choosing to share information now, albeit selectively, because they believe the human race is ready to learn a limited amount of the truth. What's still not being addressed, from his perspective, is that alien craft have established a place in our atmosphere, cloaked in invisibility and secrecy.


In the Open Lines that followed in hours two through four, Robert, calling from South Carolina, recounted the time when a UFO landed in a public park in Bergen County, New Jersey. Dozens of people, including police, witnessed the event, he continued, before the National Guard arrived and closed the park. Left behind in the earth were several impressions of the alien craft. Robert agreed with Ian that these types of events, although very significant, tend to get buried in the public memory by other distractions in the news.

Danielle in California shared that she's waited twenty-five years to tell her story. When she was in junior high school, she claimed, she lost four hours of time in an encounter where she was visited by aliens in her bedroom. A blinding light filled the room, and Danielle felt the excruciating pain of a needle being pushed through her head. To this day, Danielle's heart races when she thinks of the incident.

Listening in Chicago, Stephen talked about the long journey he's had studying the work of eighteenth-century inventor Johann Bessler, also known as Orffyreus. By deciphering Bessler's poems and drawings, Stephen's mind was blown by what he learned about Bessler's discovery of a perpetual motion machine. The fact that Bessler was dismissed as a charlatan in his own day doesn't matter, Stephen argued, because of the significance of what Bessler's writings reveal about this miraculous machine.

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