A Life of Alien Abductions

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A Life of Alien Abductions

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Sharing details of what it's like to be an alien abductee, Byron W. Lacy joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his encounters, which began when he was just five years old, with "little men" entering his room. Later, one of the beings he saw in his room appeared to be seven ft. tall and "looked like Capt. Hook from Peter Pan." The room started expanding, and the bed rotated along with the three Greys who were also there, he continued. 

Lacy, who said he saw his first UFO in 1961, believes he is part of a multigenerational bloodline that has been abducted, including his father and grandfather. While some object to the abduction experience and feel they're treated like an animal in an experiment, he thinks that individuals sign a "soul contract" before they're even born to participate with the aliens, as there are legitimate reasons for them to interact with humans.

Expanding on why the aliens are benevolent in nature, he said that they saved his life a total of ten times, including when he was hit by a car in a head-on collision when riding his bicycle. Lacy also talked about his communications with psychics, and how one of them told him that he was actually one of the aliens. This resonated with him as he always felt different. For more, check out images he sent us that show various markings on his body, which he considers related to his many abductions.

Night Vision Technology

Chris A. Nygaard is a retired Sergeant First Class from the Wisconsin Army National Guard. He worked as an attack helicopter repairer, aviation life support equipment technician, and aerial gunnery master. In the first hour, he talked about the best military night vision equipment. Night vision goggles work as light amplification devices, intensifying an image, and allowing you to see a subject clearer by changing it from a light source into an electronic one that is then converted back to a screen, he explained. In contrast, thermal imaging looks at the heat or radiation emanating from an object. In the future, both technologies will be combined together, he reported, in ways that can be coordinated among soldiers and their commanders.

If you're out in the woods, night vision technology works best with a binocular set-up, as it greatly improves your depth perception, he said, adding that a helmet mount is preferable so your hands are free. Because the equipment can be expensive, he suggested renting as an option.

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