Akashic Records / Sasquatch Language

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Akashic Records / Sasquatch Language

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Founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, Lisa Barnett is an internationally respected Akashic Record master, guide, and transformational teacher. In the first half, she spoke about what the Akashic field is and how we can access it. We might imagine the Akashic Records as like being "born with a GoPro video camera strapped to your forehead, and everything you did all day long was recorded on that video, and then it automatically uploaded itself at night while you were dreaming," she explained. The 'record keepers' have told her everything we've ever done, "whether it was five days ago or five years or 50 years, or 5,000 years ago, it doesn't matter. It's automatically energetically lifted into the cloud or the Akasha," Barnett continued.

Each time we prepare to reincarnate, we "write a whole soul plan," and this includes 50 to 100 "soul contracts" that relate to our parents, children, spouses, and best friends or business partners, she detailed. And through consulting the "library" of Akashic Records, we can identify plans from previous lifetimes that typically employ our various gifts and talents that we use to advance the soul's growth. The record keepers, she said, gave her a "vibrational key" in order to access the records, an energetic method that moves us into Akasha or source energy. Barnett teaches this method in her online workshops, in which people learn to clear energy blocks and release old karma.


Researcher Ron Morehead is recognized for his unparalleled Bigfoot/Sasquatch audio recordings known as the Sierra Sounds. In the latter half, he was joined by language expert and former US Navy linguist, Scott Nelson, to discuss the secrets of Sasquatch language and share audio clips they believe demonstrate intelligent communication. The Sierra Sounds were recorded in 1972 and 1974 by Morehead and Alan Berry in an area they called the Sierra Camp, located between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, and though the recordings were very clear, the creatures were not visually sighted. Morehead estimated that an adult Sasquatch can be taller than 12 ft., and he believes their characteristics can vary significantly depending on their geographic region. Some are actually more intelligent than humans, he suggested, and have a kind of 'antimatter' ability to make themselves disappear. He's seen tracks that suddenly stop or vanish.

When Nelson first heard the Sierra Sounds (listen to one labeled "Fast Talk"), he immediately recognized them as language, as they had many of the conversational characteristics of human dialogue, with various sounds articulated like syllables, sentences, and utterances. This becomes more evident when listened to at a slower speed, Nelson pointed out, noting that there are distinct inflections at certain junctures, as in a question and answer. He reached the conclusion that the recordings were not hoaxed, as the sounds, at times, were both above and below the capability of the human vocal range. "These creatures are not just big gorillas...they are sentient beings," Nelson added.

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