Oceans & Extinctions / Souls & the Psychic Process

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Oceans & Extinctions / Souls & the Psychic Process

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Prof. Peter Ward has been active in paleontology, biology, and astrobiology for over 40 years. Since his Ph.D. in 1976, Ward has published more than 140 scientific papers. In the first half, he discussed mass extinction and major changes in the oceans. Scientists have talked about a "sixth mass extinction" that might begin to happen, but Ward contends it is already finished in certain habitats, especially in deep water zones. Squid and octopus have been taking over in a manner that is reminiscent of past extinctions 250 million years ago, 200 million years ago, and 65 million years ago, he cited. It's hard to deny that climate change is a significant factor in the extinctions with the record-breaking heat of the last five years, Ward pointed out.

An extinction isn't just the elimination of specific species but the reduction in the overall number of creatures and plants. It's like a chain reaction when you have smaller insect populations, then birds begin to starve, he noted. With increased ocean temperatures (water off the Florida Keys has been a record-breaking 100 degrees), the reefs are dying off, and orca whales have been attacking boats. The whale attacks may be because the creatures are addled or thrown off by the increased heat, Ward suggested. In contrast to the 'Gaia Hypothesis,' which posits that the Earth itself is a living organism that can heal itself, he instead has proposed what he calls the 'Medea Hypothesis.' This is the idea that life can be its own worst enemy, with various life forms proving deadly to other species and damaging the existing ecosystem.


Spiritual intuitive, psychic medium, and wellness leader, Amanda Rieger Green, has consulted for thousands of clients, including Fortune 500 companies. In the latter half, she talked about how she connects clients to their soul's voice and higher consciousness to guide them on their optimal path forward. She characterized the soul as the essence of who we innately are-- an energy of presence that is connected to our higher or divine consciousness. For her readings, she "drops into an altered state" and channels the soul collective within her, enabling her to share personalized and specific information with clients.

Green described a curious out-of-body experience she had just before her father died in 1999 when an EMT was about to intubate him, and she heard a telepathic voice saying, 'Do not let them intubate me.' In conferring with her mother, she learned that her father did not want artificial life support. For those seeking to explore the psychic path, she recommended tapping into your truth, both the higher vibrations and the darkness within us. "Our mistakes are our opportunities, and a lot of time, we learn through pain," she remarked. We can listen to our emotional body and look at it as intelligent rather than a disorganized, chaotic, or fluctuating system, she added. During the last hour, she gave psychic readings to callers.

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