Sasquatch Sightings / Open Lines

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Sasquatch Sightings / Open Lines

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Paul Graves is a longtime Sasquatch researcher from Wenatchee, WA who investigates the subject throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest. He is an avid outdoorsman who grew up at the base of the eastern Washington Cascade Mountains and has been researching Sasquatch sightings and searching for evidence since 1988 (Related Photos & Audio). He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to describe a few of his Bigfoot encounters and play an audio clip of a Bigfoot vocalization.

Graves lives near the 3.5 million acre Wenatchee National Forest and over 83% of his county is national forest. There is a lot of habitat for Sasquatch and its history goes back all the way to the Wenatchee people. They called the Sasquatch "Choanito," which means Night People, he explained. "The Sasquatch we don't really look at them like they're another animal, more like a hominid type creature," Graves suggested, speculating they could be a lost species of hominids.

In addition to his Sasquatch research, Graves is a self-employed concrete contractor specializing in mold casting - a helpful skill to have when trying to preserve footprints in the snow. "It can be a daunting chore to do if you don't know how to do it right," he said, noting tracks are very rare to find. "Usually when you find a track way it's in the dust... but the detail would be just terrible, none of them would be worth casting," Graves continued. He reported on the time he followed dusty tracks of something large with long strides for a couple of miles as well as his adventures tracking footprints in the snow in Sunnyslope. "These footprints... were literally six feet apart," Graves revealed. You could see all five toes clearly, he added.

Graves described three sightings he has had of Sasquatch. One night while driving up a logging road at night he saw something "huge and black" walking across the road. "This thing just literally went from the middle of the road and in a split second was gone... I couldn't believe how fast this thing moved," he recalled. According to Graves, the creature was taller than the top of his Jeep. He also reported on seeing what he believes was a Sasquatch through a night vision scope and a daylight sighting of a creature that pushed over a tree.

Connie played a couple of his Sasquatch songs as bumpers.

The final hour featured Open Lines.

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