Messages from The Quantum Council of Light

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Messages from The Quantum Council of Light

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Author Christy Whitman is a celebrity coach and Law of Attraction expert. For over 20 years, she has channeled The Quantum Council of Light, whom she describes as angelic beings or ascended masters. She joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) for the entire 4-hour program to discuss her work as a channel and the messages she receives from The Quantum Council of Light.

Whitman shared her journey transitioning from a successful coaching career to becoming a channeler for The Quantum Council of Light. She mentioned that she has always received messages and insights throughout her life, even before her coaching career, which began with a profound experience of automatic writing. Her initial resistance to embracing this new path gradually gave way to acceptance as she continued to receive messages that led to positive outcomes. Whitman emphasized these messages were calming, soothing, and undeniably true, which is why she chose to follow them. "They were comforting. They felt good. They felt right. And it always led to something really special," Whitman said.

She discussed the challenges she faced when making her transition from a coach to a channeler. Some people, including clients and family members, questioned her new direction and were resistant to the changes. However, she persevered, trusting in the guidance she received from The Quantum Council of Light. Whitman recounted a powerful story of how she was guided to tell a client to visit a doctor, even though the client had no apparent health issues. It turned out this guidance saved the client's life by detecting cancer early.

Whitman explained the distinction between intuition and channeling. Intuition, she described, is an expanded form of guidance that feels like a download of absolute wisdom. It goes beyond logic and reasoning and is often accompanied by a sense of awe. She revealed how the events of 2020, particularly the pandemic, acted as an amplification of underlying issues in people's lives, causing some to awaken and seek personal growth and healing while pushing others further into avoidance and escapism. She highlighted the importance of trusting one's intuition and following an authentic path, even when faced with skepticism or resistance from others.

Whitman also shared communications from The Quantum Council of Light who came through her during the show to answer questions and provide callers with guidance.

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