Psychic Abilities & the Brain / Origins of Alchemy

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Psychic Abilities & the Brain / Origins of Alchemy

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Dr. Jeff Tarrant is a licensed psychologist and board-certified in neurofeedback. He is the founder and CEO of the NeuroMeditation Institute (NMI), LLC, and provides certification training. In the first half, he reported on scientific explanations for understanding psychic abilities, spirit communication, and energy healing. The brain gets in the way of our psychic gifts, he suggested. "That's because it's such a magnificent filtering machine that it reduces the amount of information that we have access to, to a tremendous degree," he noted. "I feel like what's happening with some of these abilities is that people to actually shift or shut down certain parts of the brain and get them out of the way."

A practice like compassion meditation and increasing your empathy toward others may be related to the ability to communicate with the deceased or spirit realm, as you are extending yourself out of your ego structure, he posited. Tarrant has been exploring "brain hacking" technology to enhance psychic abilities, like audio-visual entrainment that uses tones and flickering lights to induce specific brain waves such as theta. Gamma brain waves show up in meditators' and monks' brains, he added. Tarrant said he plans to do tests to see if there is a physiological synchrony (as shown through EEG and heart rate variability) that can be demonstrated between people when they're doing a telepathy experiment or energy healing. For more, he offers a series of classes through his website.


Tobias Churton is an expert on the Books of Enoch and Jewish mysticism and Christianity. In the latter half, he shared his latest work on the practice of alchemy and its origins, the legend of the Philosopher's Stone, and the original purpose of the "Royal Art." Dating back to the 3rd-4th centuries in Egypt in places like Panopolis, the original alchemists could be considered metallurgical chemists, and many of them were women, he noted. Much of the work in this era had to do with subjecting substances to heat and practical applications like creating dyes that could make objects look like gold, silver, or gemstones. The idea of turning lead into gold was actually not what alchemists were doing; they were just changing the color, Churton revealed.

Over time, alchemical documents that had specific meaning in ancient times were interpreted as if they were mystical in nature and radically misunderstood, Churton commented. A lot of medieval and Renaissance alchemy was based on these false precepts, he added. Churton also delved into his extensive research into the life and work of occultist Aleister Crowley, detailing his break from the Theosophical Society, which turned some people against him. Crowley believed his life was interrupted by an entity called Aiwass, a kind of guardian angel that he considered his real self in another dimension.

During the last half-hour, George played a recording of his performance of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

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