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Border Security / Satanic Philosophy

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Actor, author, veteran, and former Border Patrol agent Vincent Vargas joined us in the first half of the show to discuss the complex issue of security along the U.S. – Mexico border. Vargas detailed his own experiences as the grandson of immigrants, and balancing the need for empathy with the need for security, particularly as it relates to those who are termed “exotics” in the parlance of Border Patrol. These “exotics” hail from places other than Latin America, such as Africa, China, or Afghanistan, he explained.

He also discussed the role that drug cartels and coyotes (human traffickers) play in exploiting the desperation of individuals who are seeking a fresh start in America and how Border Patrol deals with those who have family in the United States. Another topic of concern for Vargas was the issue of children brought here as infants or toddlers who don’t realize they are illegal until they leave the country to visit family in Mexico and then can’t legally return to the U.S.

Vargas said both the Obama and Trump administrations made good progress on border issues, but noted that he wished policy makers would pay more attention to input from those who work the job. He also commented on the border wall, and its role to funnel them to checkpoints rather than stop immigrants, as well as disillusionment of those on the job regarding the image of Border Patrol agents in the media.   


In the second half, lifelong practitioner of the occult Winter Laake talked about Satanism and reconciling our desire to do good with our innate evil tendencies. Laake claimed that we are all born evil, noting the "dark urges" that some children have, and how his questions about where those thoughts originate helped form his ideology. He also noted that though we are born evil, we want to do good. He said that following the rule of law, or a “lawful evil” path was a necessary part of spiritual development for him. Because, he said, the capacity for “barbaric evil” was always there in the background.

Laake said, to him, Lucifer wasn’t an entity he worshipped, but was a “vibration that you can attune with.” He advocates these ideas through the Sanctum of the Morning Star (his legally recognized church), which he discussed with callers in the second hour of his appearance. Laake also discussed the use of tarot cards as a tool to “tap into universal knowledge” and his planned books of spells, admitting to George that he has placed curses in the past.  

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