Out-of-Place Artifacts / Psychic Abilities & Crystals

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Out-of-Place Artifacts / Psychic Abilities & Crystals

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L. A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer, and filmmaker. In the first half, he discussed his latest research into bizarre or out-of-place artifacts from lost civilizations that defy explanation. He cited the Vatican Obelisk as one of these objects, which was brought to Rome in 35BC from Egypt. Made of red granite, it contains no hieroglyphics, and no one knows who created it. The obelisk is an enigma, as such granite can't be sculpted with a copper chisel, he noted. Marzulli traveled to Peru and observed that some of the ancient megalithic structures there are so pristine and heavy (60-100 tons) that it is puzzling how they were transported from a quarry some 40 miles away.

A number of the stones in Peru have extremely odd shapes with something cut into them. "They've been shaped very deliberately to do something...What we may be looking at is some sort of ancient machine that was destroyed thousands and thousands of years ago," he commented. Marzulli also described a find which he referred to as the 'Nephilim Lance,' which was discovered by a hiker in Michigan. Weighing 28 lbs, the object was speculated to be a weapon used by "the red-haired six-fingered giants," who, according to Native American lore, raided their villages. Marzulli had a small piece from the object lab tested, and while the results were inconclusive, isotopic ratios suggested a possible Middle Eastern origin. For more, view related material, including a trailer for his new documentary.


Former attorney Michelle Welch now works as an empath and intuitive, helping others and teaching classes on crystals, tarot, and energy work. In the latter half, she spoke about her psychic abilities as well as the unique energy of crystals. She detailed some of the lesser-known psychic gifts, such as clairtangency, which is picking up information by holding an object or touching something (similar to psychometry), and clairgustance, which is tasting something when nothing is in your mouth or nearby. She believes her contact with the spirit world is made possible by adjusting her frequencies to a different oscillation level.

Certain crystals or stones worn as a beaded bracelet can form a kind of energy grid and provide a person with an enhanced sense of calmness or focus, she said. This works because the crystals vibrate or oscillate with a specific energy frequency, she explained. Lithium quartz is particularly good for anxiety, she noted, while green aventurine is said to increase your luck. Welch also touched on her work with angels, who have been appearing to her in a different manner in recent times. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers, including receiving messages from their departed loved ones.

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