Douglas Mulhall

Douglas Mulhall


Douglas Mulhall is a biotech company co-founder, popular science author and journalist, researcher at several universities, and develops buildings that are safe for human health, which have won several international awards. He’s also former co-founder & CEO of the ICTV national TV and radio network in Ukraine, and a documentary filmmaker. He has worked in Asia, Europe, South and North America, and presently is based on the Atlantic Coast of Canada near Halifax.

His first book, Our Molecular Future, was selected for New Scientist Magazine’s “must-read” list, and was the topic of four Coast to Coast episodes. His second book, The Calcium Bomb was covered on this show also. His third book, Discovering the Nature of Longevity (2023) describes how thousands of heart patients have improved when damage to their health from hidden stress is targeted. 



Past Shows:

  • Healthcare Revelations / ET Contacts & Evolution

    Douglas Mulhall discussed a clinical trial using a naturally derived substance to stop deadly aneurysms and healthcare cover-ups. Followed by Viviane Chauvet, an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar, public speaker, and advocate for planetary evolution.More »
  • Heart Disease & Heavy Metals / Negativity & Demonic Forces

    Science author Douglas Mulhall reported that low levels of toxic metals can lead to heart disease. Followed by emotional clearing expert Jeffrey Seelman on the rise of negative energy.More »
  • Heart Disease & Stress / UFOs & Cryptids

    Author and researcher Douglas Mulhall discussed his new work on heart disease and the hidden stresses related to it. Followed by paranormal investigator Eric Mintel on UFOs and cryptids.More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell - Somewhere in Time returned to 7/10/02, when Douglas Mulhall described the changes coming from nanotechnology and robots.More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 7/10/02, when Douglas Mulhall described the exponential changes that are coming from nanotechnology and robotic revolutions.More »
  • Nano Night

    Journalist Douglas Mulhall and 'historian of the future,' Charles Ostman addressed ways in which nanotechnology and other cutting edge approaches can be used to protect and evolve human existence. Mulhall, who appeared first, noted that the St. Louis area (where the New Madrid...More »
  • Nanotech Advances

    Journalist and author Douglas Mulhall extolled the benefits of 'bottom-up' nanotechnology, in which atoms and molecules are used as building blocks to assemble larger things. Citing DNA as the ultimate example of bottom-up assembly in nature, Mulhall said learning to emulate...More »
  • Nanotechnology

    Journalist and author Douglas Mulhall discussed the latest developments in nanotechnology, a science he describes as "a basic technological building block on which a whole new societal range of technologies are being developed." According to Mulhall, the convergence of several...More »
  • True Life & Death Tales

    Forensic pathologist, Dr. Janis Amatuzio, who is known as the "compassionate coroner," shared real life stories of synchronicities, visions and experiences she has heard from patients and loved ones of the deceased. These tales have left her with the belief that death is not the...More »
  • Nanobacteria, Climate & Technology

    Nanotechnology journalist, Douglas Mulhall discussed issues related to climate, medicine and advanced technologies. There is evidence of sudden climate change he said, citing a two-year period without summers that occurred in 536 AD, as well as another event 10,000 years ago...More »
  • Nanotechnology

    Sunday's guest, author Douglas Mulhall, discussed Nanotechnology and the possible findings of the smallest, perhaps most ancient organism. Its discovery has challenged the definition of life.More »
  • Nanotech in Leaps and Bounds

    "We may be the stepping stone to an entirely new type of species that either co-exists with us or replaces us," said Douglas Mulhall, George's guest on Tuesday night. Mulhall, an expert on the transformative role of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence believes there could...More »
  • Linda Moulton Howe / Douglas Mulhall

    Douglas Mulhall describes the exponential changes that may be wrought by thenanotechnology and robotic revolutions. Mulhall is a technology journalistand sustainable development specialist with years of experience developingadaptive technologies internationally. He has managed...More »

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