Ryan S. Wood

Ryan S. Wood


Born in Maryland, Ryan S. Wood grew up in Southern California where he first became exposed to UFOs when his father, Dr. Robert M. Wood, was engaged in deciphering the physics of UFOs while managing a research project on anti-gravity for McDonnell Douglas. This involved the process of trying to change the speed of light in a Michaelson Morely interferometer with high magnetic fields. In 1978, he graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and has had a long career in marketing, sales, engineering, and corporate management, across, semiconductor, computer systems, medical imaging, energy conservation, aerospace and now in fusion as the CEO of Electric Fusion Systems, Inc.

Ryan is regarded as a leading authority on the Top Secret classified Majestic-12 intelligence documents and the 1941 Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO crash. A frequent lecturer on the UFO subject, Ryan has taught college courses and made numerous presentations about UFOs to civic organizations and at ufology conferences across the world. He has organized seven worldwide UFO crash retrieval symposia (2003-2009), each with conference proceedings and presentations from UFO crash investigators along with keynote banquet speakers. He once presented a UFO lecture to an international class of military officers for a National Security Affairs class at the Naval Postgraduate School that formed the basis of the final exam. He manages the content of Majesticdocuments.com and, along with his father, was the executive producer of a television documentary that aired on the Sci-Fi channel detailing the authenticity of the Majestic-12 documents called The Secret.



Past Shows:

  • MJ-12 / Major Donald Keyhoe

    UFO researcher Ryan S. Wood joined George Knapp to look into National Archives documents related to UFOs. Followed by author Linda Powell om the life of UFO investigator Major Donald Keyhoe.More »
  • UFO Mysteries / Astrology Insights

    UFO document researcher Ryan Wood discussed some of the most profound questions in ufology today. Followed by astrologer Jeff Harman with insights and predictions.More »
  • UFO Documents

    UFO researchers Ryan & Bob Wood discussed specific details they uncovered in leaked government documents about alien craft and ETs. They have examined a Special Operations Manual (SOM) from 1954, and found it to be authentic based on such factors as the terminology and type...More »
  • 2008 UFO Conference Special

    Broadcasting from radio station KXNT in Las Vegas, George Noory and co-host Linda Moulton Howe welcomed guest speakers from the 2008 UFO Conference.During the first hour, researcher Ryan Wood talked about an MJ-12 document known as the "Burn Memo" (view at Earthfiles.com), as...More »
  • UFO Crashes

    Researcher Ryan Wood discussed the evidence and government documentation for various UFO crashes.More »
  • UFO Crashes & Cover-Ups

    Researcher Ryan S. Wood discussed several cases from his book Majic Eyes Only, a comprehensive investigation into 74 UFO crash incidents and subsequent military retrievals/cover-ups, based on evidence found in newspaper articles, eyewitness reports, and leaked Majestic documents.More »
  • UFO Crash Retrieval Conference

    George Noory and Linda Moulton Howe hosted a special broadcast live from a glass enclosed studio at the Sunset Station Hotel in Las Vegas, interviewing presenters at the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference. Stan Gordon, the primary investigator of the 1965 Kecksburg UFO crash...More »
  • The Power of Coincidence

    "There is a domain of consciousness where everything is inseparably one," said Deepak Chopra, M.D., a leader in the field of mind body medicine. Chopra was discussing coincidences and suggested that when people have one they may have accidentally bumped into the "non-local"...More »
  • Ryan Wood

    Ryan Wood, Majestic Document Investigator, takes a hard look at the Majestic 12 documents and how they prove that the United States has been recovering crashed unidentified flying objects, often known as flying saucers, since 1941, and has been successful in keeping this...More »

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