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Thriving with Anxiety / Demonic & Spiritual Encounters

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David H. Rosmarin, PhD, is an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, and a program director at McLean Hospital. In the first half, he discussed different approaches to anxiety. Many view it as a negative and debilitating condition, but people can actually shift their perspective and see it as a potential source of growth and resilience, he maintained. Anxiety can also help us become more aware of our emotions and to recalibrate them when needed, as well as to understand the feelings of others, he added. "Part of the lesson of anxiety is that we have to get used to not being in control, to not being in the know all the time, and to take a really great dose of humility out of that experience," he remarked. 

Anxiety is generally a part of everyone's lives, he noted, and statistics show that young people experience it more than those older. When people are feeling chronic stress, Rosmarin pointed out this can be a dangerous condition, and they need to either find new resources or a decrease in demands. When having an anxiety attack, he encourages people to allow themselves to just let the anxiety wash over them without fighting it, and this triggers a parasympathetic response in the body, which naturally reduces the concern. For various anxieties and phobias, exposure therapy (gradual exposure to things or situations you fear) can be helpful, as well as finding others to talk about your issues and feelings with.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with investigator and practicing demonologist Teri Lynge-Kehl, who described her chilling near-death experience, an ectoplasmic demon encounter, and a Skinwalker-type apparition. As a young woman in 1973, she had a "powerful experience with the Lord," who told her, "I am the Alpha and the Omega." It was then that she hit the floor and found herself wholly dead and surrounded by the "darkest, blackest void." After a period in this desolate realm, she said she experienced a crack throughout her body and came back reborn in her faith in God, and those in the room were shocked to see her body rise up without her arms or legs assisting her.

Lynge-Kehl told Cheryll of various demonic attacks, including seeing a smoke-like entity that grew to five or six feet tall with a face that emerged out of it and permeated her body. Later, she learned to cast out evil spirits by calling out the name of Jesus, though she warned that dark entities can sometimes return even after being cast out. At a house in Paris, Tennessee, built in the 1800s that her family purchased, a bizarre episode happened in 2021. Her son and his wife, who were living in the downstairs parlor, witnessed a black shadow figure move across the wall and then turn the TV on. It went out into the backyard, and then took form into what she called a Skinwalker-type apparition. Before disappearing, she reported that it left an eerie black etching or outline of its form along an outside wall.

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