Remote Viewing Update / Angels Across Cultures

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Remote Viewing Update / Angels Across Cultures

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In the first half, remote viewing teacher Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Army (ret.), discussed the current cases his agency (Matrix Intelligence Agency) is working on, including an area in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California where Bigfoot activity reoccurs (view related map). This map could prove helpful in predicting where the next sighting will be, and Dames plans to visit the area to observe and set up remote trail cams. This site is also a possible location to contact "ultraterrestrials," which he seeks to do using formal protocols. "All of our work indicates that the Bigfoot phenomenon is absolutely connected indirectly or directly with the UFO phenomenon," he commented.

Another project his team is working on concerns the disappearance of a German girl named Inga Gehricke-- a case similar to the missing Madeleine McCann. Dames said he additionally remote viewed the killer in the 1996 JonBenet Ramsey case, and was able to produce a street view of the murderer's home. The Matrix Agency also conducted projects looking at the original Noah's Ark (the boat was never completed) and the identity of Jack the Ripper (he is buried in a specific graveyard in England). He noted that Solar Cycle 25 is peaking in 2024-25, so "if there's going to be a 'killshot' sequence, get ready for it," he warned. 


Normandi Ellis is an award-winning writer, workshop facilitator, and archpriestess of the Fellowship of Isis. In the latter half, she revealed how angels are beings of light consciousness, here to help our individual and planetary cosmic evolution, and how they have been documented in various faiths, cultures, and traditions. She views angels as a state of consciousness, and what is particularly fascinating to her is that "no matter what your spiritual belief is...every religious tradition has angels." She interprets the idea of angels having wings as pointing to how they can travel instantaneously in time: "They are no further away than a thought."

The last part of many angels' names is "el" (as in Gabriel and Uriel), and this translates as "of God" in Hebrew, she explained. Based on her research, she believes the idea or inspiration for angels may have come from depictions in ancient Egypt of various winged beings and deities, and other earlier sources. In the ancient Zoroastrian tradition, there were a number of different angels representing contrasting values, including one that celebrated light and truth, and another that rejoiced in death and destruction. Angels are messengers of God, like "elevator operators of heaven" who "carry our prayers upstairs, and they carry his messages downstairs," she remarked. Ellis said one of her favorite activities is to create metaphysical ceremonies for the seasons and equinoxes, and "I always set the calling in the angels of the directions," such as Raphael (east) and Michael (south).

During the last half-hour, a replay from 2011 with author Brad Steiger discussing alien mysteries was featured. 

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, John Truman Wolfe

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