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UFOs & the Paranormal / Open Lines

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Filmmaker and The Pocket Gods musician Mark Christopher Lee’s new film God Versus Aliens explores the potential impact of first contact with extraterrestrials on the world’s religions, and the role AI could play in the experience. Lee spoke with guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) about how he believes religious leaders, especially those based in the Abrahamic traditions, would respond to the revelation. He said he believed those religions have, in part, already addressed the possibility of extraterrestrial life. “I think there is (mention of extraterrestrials) in a roundabout way, and I think the way the main three Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) refer to these (is) as angelic beings.” He said there was a great deal of evidence of this in the Torah, including the angelic beings seen in the story of Lot, and the incident where Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai and came back with the glory of God upon his countenance. “Obviously that’s God,” Lee said. “But you could interpret it as an extraterrestrial.”

He said it’s also possible that rather than being aliens who traveled across the cosmos in a spaceship, there is a possibility that these being are interdimensional as well. “That’s the position where I ended up after all this research, and a couple of decades of looking into this, and I come from a Christian viewpoint as well,” Lee explained. “I’m looking at what people are experiencing now, in terms of UFOs and contact with aliens. I think it’s possibly interdimensional. It is something paranormal, for instance. It’s not necessarily a visit from ET from hundreds of light years away.” He noted he isn’t the first to come to this conclusion, citing the work of both John Keel and Jacques Vallee. It also doesn’t mean they are all benevolent, he said, explaining that while he said he believed they were possibly angelic beings, fallen angels are technically angelic beings as well. He also discussed the stance the Catholic Church has taken on alien life, the British Crown’s interest in the phenomenon, and how contingents in both the U.S. and U.K. governments who hold that the entities are demonic have potentially stifled further disclosure.


During the open lines callers continued to share their ideas about faith and UFOs, including a moon-sized UFO that one caller believed was an answer to a prayer for her terminal son, observations about astronomy and Biblical prophecies, and continuing concerns about the possibility that the entities associated with UFOs are actually demonic.



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