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Lucid Dreaming & Dreamwork / Sinister Technology & the Paranormal

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Author and journalist Von Braschler is a writer on the subjects of time, human consciousness, and energy healing. In the first half, he discussed his latest work on lucid dreaming and dreamwork. There's a rich history of ancient cultures using dreams for revelation, divine encounters, prophecies, and even physical healings, he said, adding that the Greeks built temples for people to specifically explore and cultivate their dreams. Braschler talked about the concept of dream walkers-- a Native American tradition where shamans go into an altered state of consciousness to bring back knowledge from beyond time and space. One fascinating aspect of dreams is that we may be visiting parallel realities or even other versions of ourselves, he marveled.

In a lucid dream, a person is aware that they're dreaming, and in this state, it may be possible to link up with other participants in a kind of shared or group dream, Braschler revealed. You can train yourself to have lucid dreams through creative visualization, he stated, and there are techniques related to this from the ancient Hindus. He advised that you should get into a harmonious altered or meditative state in the visualization exercise and picture yourself successfully having a lucid dream. As a technique for remembering your dreams, he suggested that after waking up, you lay quietly in bed with eyes closed and then hold and feel the dream without trying to unpack it analytically.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with scientific researcher, author, ghostwriter, and teacher Elana Freeland. Exploring such topics as chemtrails, HAARP, and transhumanism in her books, Freeland delved into sinister agendas and paranormal connections in her conversation with Cheryll. She shared her belief that a "worldwide global technology" that includes synthetic biology controls many things in our lives, and most people are completely unaware of this. She further argued that humans are breathing in or ingesting tiny nanotechnology particles that can be controlled or surveilled at a distance by 5G and 6G systems.

Freeland told Cheryll that one of her upcoming projects is to write a book about "targeted individuals" who are being controlled and tortured by electromagnetic energies. She also shared some of her paranormal experiences, including an out-of-body episode, and an encounter with a diamond-shaped aerial object that she realized was a kind of organic creature rather than a metallic craft. She compared this to the amoeba-like beings in the sky that Trevor Constable documented.

The last half-hour featured a replay from 8/1/17 in which space historian Robert Zimmerman reported on space technology developments.

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