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UFO Investigations / Geospatial Analysis

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Geospatial intelligence empowers businesses and people to optimize their operations down to the finest detail, according to Bret Schoening, founder of Modern Geo. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) for a discussion on geospatial intelligence and its various applications for business, finding missing people, and dealing with China.

Schoening provided his commentary on geospatial intelligence and its relevance to understanding complex geopolitical issues, such as UFO phenomena and international conflicts. He described geospatial intelligence as a fusion of various intelligence sources, including signals intelligence, human intelligence, and remote sensing, to create predictive analyses. Schoening emphasized the importance of geospatial intelligence in deciphering the UFO issue due to its ability to map and analyze relationships between data points, offering valuable insights into unknown phenomena.

Schoening introduced the "witchcraft paradox" as a metaphor for the misunderstood nature of geospatial intelligence analysis. He highlighted the problem-solving aspect of geospatial intelligence, using examples like historical events and current geopolitical tensions to demonstrate its predictive capabilities. By linking seemingly disparate events, including historical land transactions and contemporary military strategies, Schoening illustrated the practical applications of geospatial intelligence in identifying potential conflicts and mitigating risks for businesses and governments.

He delved into the technical aspects of geospatial intelligence, discussing tools like geographic information systems and LIDAR technology. Schoening illustrated how these tools facilitate data visualization, analysis, and predictive modeling, enabling informed decision-making in various sectors. He also underscored the role of artificial intelligence in automating geospatial intelligence processes, allowing for enhanced efficiency, and enabling advanced applications like targeted marketing lists for businesses.

UFO Investigations

First hour guest, Victor Viggiani, is the executive director of Zland Communications and the Zland News Network. His research and analysis of anomalous aerial phenomena spans over 30 years, and his experience involves UFO sightings report investigation and counseling work with individuals reporting anomalous experiences. Viggiani provided an overview of the progression towards UFO disclosure, highlighting significant events since 2017, such as the Pentagon investigation program revelation and subsequent developments like the Schumer amendment.

He discussed the resistance within the national security state to advancing disclosure, attributing delays to political and industrial interests. Despite setbacks, Viggiani expressed an optimistic view about the potential for progress, noting ongoing efforts to revise legislation and push for joint congressional hearings. Regarding UFO whistleblower David Grusch, Viggiani acknowledged the testimony's impact and potential risks associated with further disclosures.

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