Investigations of Hauntings / Open Lines

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Investigations of Hauntings / Open Lines

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Paranormal investigator Jason McLeod reflected on his experiences working with renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, expressing gratitude for the opportunity and emphasizing the synchronicity that led him to collaborate with them. He recalled his initial fascination with spirits from a young age, which eventually culminated in his involvement with the Warrens. McLeod described the moment when his friend Lou, a former combat medic, was recommended to join the Warrens' team due to his medical background, leading to McLeod's own invitation to participate.

McLeod provided background on the Warrens and how they became involved in paranormal investigating. He recounted Ed Warren's method of gaining access to haunted locations through his skill as an artist, painting houses and engaging with the occupants to investigate paranormal phenomena. McLeod described Lorraine Warren as a trance medium, and highlighted their complementary skills as a dynamic duo in their investigations.

McLeod delved into the nature of spirits, distinguishing between ghosts, which are earthbound human spirits, and demons, which are non-human entities. He explained the three phases of demonic attacks—infestation, oppression, and possession—and emphasized the importance of faith and spiritual authority in combating demonic forces. Despite the dangers posed by such entities, McLeod asserted that humans possess the power to expel them through the authority of God.


The remainder of the program was devoted to Open Lines. Alice in New Mexico referenced the biblical book of Revelation, discussing the war in heaven and how Satan was cast down to Earth, taking one-third of the angels with him. She believes these fallen angels became demonic beings. Alice argued that demons are now roaming the Earth due to their rebellion against God. When asked why these demons were sent to Earth, Alice suggested it's part of the human experience to learn to fight against them with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Joseph in Ohio mentioned his reliance on faith, specifically citing the New Testament book of Hebrews, chapter 11, and emphasizing the importance of love. He discussed working with a doctor on developing an energetic signature to counteract negative effects of nanoparticles, electromagnetic radiation, and other environmental factors. Joseph urged George to feature Dr. Alfonso Monzo on the show, highlighting his credentials and emphasizing the urgency of the matter. He stressed the significance of vibration, frequency, and prayer in his daily routine and shared his personal journey towards healing.

The final half hour featured a replay from 2/17/15 when Wes Germer shared his life-changing Sasquatch encounter.

News segment guests: Heidi Hollis / Kevin Randle

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