The Field of Dreams / The Miracles of Easter

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The Field of Dreams / The Miracles of Easter

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Barbara Shupe joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss her experiences at the Field of Dreams, a magical area in the Cascades near Mount Rainier (Related Video). In 2012, she first encountered strange phenomena, including hearing human-like whistles and bizarre chatter. Despite rationalizing these experiences at the time, Shupe later realized they were likely associated with Sasquatch. Two years later, during a camping trip with friends, she unexpectedly captured footage of a small, black, triangular-shaped figure running through the woods. This encounter prompted Shupe to reevaluate her previous experiences and consider the possibility of Sasquatch cloaking, a phenomenon she had not previously been aware of.

The following day, upon further investigation, they discovered multiple trackways indicating the presence of several Sasquatch individuals in the area, Shupe continued. Other campers reported seeing similar creatures, she noted. This revelation led Shupe to recognize the significance of her encounters and the true nature of the phenomena she had witnessed. According to Shupe, the Field of Dreams gained a reputation among enthusiasts as a focal point for activity, as Sasquatch sightings occurred with relative frequency.

Shupe revealed how these experiences profoundly impacted and challenged her previous beliefs about Sasquatch, and expanded her understanding of their abilities and behavior. She realized that her encounters were not isolated incidents but part of a larger pattern of Sasquatch activity in the area. The Field of Dreams became a location of connection and discovery, where individuals could come together to share their experiences and validate each other's encounters, she explained. Shupe highlighted the transformative power of these encounters and the importance of finding community and validation in the search for understanding the mysteries of the natural world.


Stan Larimer, known as the Godfather of Bitshares, delved into the Easter story, starting with Jesus' crucifixion, death, and burial about 2000 years ago. He explained the significance of Jesus being sinless and voluntarily taking on the punishment for humanity's sins. Larimer described the excruciating nature of crucifixion and how Jesus' followers, despite his warnings of his impending death and resurrection, were shocked by these events. He emphasized Jesus' resurrection on the third day, noting it as the first and only instance of someone bringing themselves back to life.

Larimer described the physical ordeal of crucifixion, detailing the immense pain and suffering inflicted upon those crucified. He provided insights into his own near-death experience, drawing parallels to Lazarus' resurrection and reflecting on the process of cellular reconstruction involved in resurrection. Larimer discussed the uniqueness of Jesus' resurrection, where he not only returned to life but also received an immortal version 2.0 body, which demonstrates his divinity and paves the way for believers to receive similar bodies in the future resurrection.

Larimer discussed the theological implications of Jesus' sacrifice, emphasizing the concept of substitutionary atonement, where Jesus' death serves as a payment for humanity's sins. He addressed the idea of salvation and the importance of accepting Jesus' sacrifice to attain eternal life. Larimer touched on the controversy surrounding the Shroud of Turin and its potential authenticity as a relic of Jesus' burial. He also urged listeners to focus on Easter's spiritual essence rather than commercialized aspects.

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