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After graduating from the Institute of Energy Wellness in 2005, Jason Quitt has continued his journey by teaching and lecturing on the subjects of mysticism, out-of-body experiences, astral projection, meditation, and Qi Gong. He joined George Noory to discuss ancient Sumerian tablets, mystical texts, motifs, symbols, numbering systems, and sacred geometry, and what they reveal about the mysteries of creation and the hidden mind that manifested the universe into being.

Quitt reported on his research on ancient Moon gods, specifically focusing on the earliest known Moon god, Nanna, from Sumer around 3800 BCE. He talked about a hymn dedicated to Nanna, which describes specific numerical patterns associated with cattle in the heavens. These numbers appear in mystical texts globally, suggesting a universal ancient sacred geometry numbering system. This discovery led Quitt to write "Gates Of The Anunnaki," which explores how advanced knowledge was embedded in ancient Sumerian tablets and artifacts dating back to the Neolithic period.

Quitt traced the transmission of this sacred knowledge through various cultures and time periods, and highlighted its influence on stories, artifacts, and artwork across Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, and beyond. He emphasized the interconnectedness of these cultures and the consistent presence of sacred numerical sequences, which he believes is a deliberate transmission of this knowledge rather than mere coincidence. Quitt underscored the significance of this sacred geometry and numbering system in shaping ancient civilizations' power structures, technological advancements, and societal evolution.

Quitt also described the Anunnaki's portrayal across ancient cultures and their role in personifying the hierarchy of creation. He addressed the concept of Nibiru, noting its significance in various texts and its association with cycles of time. According to Quitt, a profound, ancient knowledge of sacred geometry was passed down through millennia helping to shape our understanding of reality, cosmology, and spirituality. He theorized this ancient knowledge holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of human existence and the nature of the universe.


Plant spirit healer, geomancer, and shamanic teacher, Emma Fitchett, is a lineage holder of the White Serpent teachings and has been initiated into ancient magical practices of the British Isles. During the latter half of the program, Fitchett revealed how to access plant spirit healing through meditation with plants, as well as the work of Cleve Backster, who pioneered measuring how plants perceive human consciousness.

Fitchett explored the relationship between humans and plants, highlighting the notion that remedies for various ailments exist within nature. She emphasized that nature inherently seeks balance and that plants play a significant role in maintaining this balance. Fitchett cautioned against treating plants like allopathic medicines and asserted their holistic healing properties that address physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of ailments.

Pointing to both scientific experiments and esoteric knowledge, Fitchett discussed the concept of plant sentience, citing the work of Cleve Backster as evidence. She acknowledged that while the idea of plant sentience may be relatively new in Western thinking, ancient traditions, such as those of witches and druids, have long recognized the consciousness and communicative abilities of plants. She touched on the concept of morphogenic fields and the collective consciousness of plant species. Fitchett delved into the practical aspects of plant communication and healing, offering her insights into how individuals can connect with plants on different levels of consciousness. She also discussed the importance of meditation, intention, and sensitivity in fostering communication with plants, as well as the healing benefits of working with plant vibrations and essences.

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