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Natural Remedies / Shamanic Healing

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In the first hour, pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals our bodies need to maintain good health. He talked about how the neurotransmitter dopamine is associated with reward and pleasure and that certain foods and activities, like eating desserts or potato chips, can trigger an addictive response. A practice called dopamine fasting is when people reduce the kinds of activities associated with the secretion of dopamine, and it's said to be able to help reset a person's system, he explained. He recommended the supplement niacin (B3) for brain health and stressed the importance of the body's connective tissue and joints for overall health. Products that help build up the connective tissue include bone broth, glucosamine, vitamin C, and amino acids.


In the second hour, analyst John M. Curtis offered commentary on current events and conflict zones. He discussed Iran's recent attack on Israel, and while he thinks Israel has the right to retaliate, he believes they will delay any reaction due to their ongoing conflict with Hamas. Iran has been at war with Israel through various proxy groups for years, funding terrorist groups in the Middle East and Africa. he added. And yet, he doesn't see the conflict widening in the Middle East. "The Gulf states don't want any part of Hamas and Iran. They don't want any part of war. They are prosperous countries that want to build on their past successes," he commented. Curtis also touched on situations in Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, and India.


Based in Hawaii, author, teacher, and shamanic practitioner Jonathan Hammond teaches classes in shamanism, spirituality, energy healing, and Huna. In the latter half, he discussed how to attune yourself to a spectrum of infinite possibilities through shamanic practices and the principles of Huna. Huna is an ancient shamanic tradition associated with Hawaii and could be considered a philosophy, he shared. One of Huna's main principles is that your world becomes what you believe about it consciously and unconsciously. "So it really puts the creation of your life dead center on what you want to do with it," he noted.

Hammond spoke about how, in shamanism, there are three levels of worlds that we exist in-- lower (our physical or instinctual nature), middle (our everyday world, which has many hidden realities), and higher (the realm of the spirit and ascended masters). He also touched on the traditional Hawaiian practice of Hooponopono, a deep healing method that addresses the unconscious patterns that hold us back or have wounded us. Hammond differentiated shamanism from religion, explaining that it's not about dogma and rules. "Shamanism is more about courage and natural law. And the way energy naturally flows and authenticity," he remarked.

During the last half-hour, George featured an interview with filmmaker James Fox from 10/6/20 on UFO disclosure.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Charles Coppes

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