Treating Cancer / Maury Island UFO Incident

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Treating Cancer / Maury Island UFO Incident

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Dr. Jeffrey Long specializes in radiation oncology, using radiation to treat cancer. Long joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to share his insights on cancer, acknowledging the wish for a simple cure, but highlighting the complexity of cancer as a multifaceted disease with various types requiring different treatment approaches. Long emphasized the prevalence of cancer, citing statistics and historical references dating back to ancient times to illustrate its longstanding impact on humanity. Despite the daunting statistics, he offerd a message of hope, pointing to advancements in treatment that have led to higher cure rates than ever before.

Delving into the nature of cancer, Long revealed its origins at the cellular DNA level, where abnormal cell division leads to uncontrolled growth and invasion. He addressed the misconception of cancer as solely a result of lifestyle choices, noting both environmental and genetic factors contributing to its development. While certain cancers like lung cancer are strongly linked to smoking, Long underscored that many others are due to genetic predispositions or simply bad luck. He emphasized the importance of early detection and awareness.

Long reported on modern treatment modalities such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy, highlighting their efficacy in selectively targeting cancer cells with fewer side effects. He contrasted radiation therapy with chemotherapy, outlining their respective roles in cancer treatment and how multidisciplinary tumor boards tailor treatment plans for individual patients. Long delved into lifestyle factors that impact cancer risk, urging listeners to prioritize healthy habits, regular screenings, and prompt medical attention for concerning symptoms to mitigate cancer's impact and promote overall well-being.


In the second half of the program, Steve Edmiston talked about his award-winning film based on declassified FBI documents, The Maury Island Incident, which tells the incredible, tragic, and forgotten story of Harold Dahl, who on June 21, 1947, alleged a UFO sighting over Puget Sound, WA, sparking "the summer of the saucers," the modern era of UFO obsession, the first appearance of "Men in Black," and a governmental battle over UFO sighting jurisdiction.

Edmiston recounted his introduction to the Maury Island story, sparked by a chance encounter in a coffee shop where a stranger mentioned the incident. Intrigued by this unfamiliar tale, he delved into research and uncovered the bizarre events of June 21, 1947, when Harold Dahl claimed to have encountered six flying discs over Puget Sound. Dahl also asserted he had a confrontation with a mysterious man in black who issued a warning.

Edmiston highlighted the extensive FBI investigation led by Special Agent Jack Wilcox whose meticulous reporting challenged assumptions of a hoax surrounding Dahl's claims, and emphasized the gravity of the circumstances and the government's involvement in investigating UFO sightings during a tumultuous period of Cold War paranoia. He underscored the significance of historical accuracy and the need to challenge prevailing narratives to present the Maury Island incident as a pivotal moment in UFO lore and governmental secrecy.

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