UFO & ET Issue / Demystifying Death

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UFO & ET Issue / Demystifying Death

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Author Blake Sinclair is a Reiki practitioner, and Grand Knight Commander for the Equestrian Order of Michael Archangel. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss a friend's contact experience, encountering an Ascended Master at Mount Shasta, and his father's connection to Roswell. Sinclair briefly explained that becoming a Grand Knight Commander involves progression through various levels of knighthood, beginning at an entry-level knight and advancing through merit and hard work. His role includes recruiting new dames and knights, promoting the order, and serving as a goodwill ambassador for the Royal House of Ghassan.

Sinclair described a mystical encounter with Archangel Michael during his spiritual journey. Through meditation, he experienced a dark entity that was warded off by a powerful angelic figure wielding a sword, whom he later identified as Archangel Michael. This experience reinforced his connection to the Archangel and influenced the naming of the order. Sinclair shared details of a paranormal encounter involving his friend in Washington, who captured an image of an extraterrestrial entity near her home (related photos).

Sinclair shared messages from extraterrestrial beings, specifically from the Andromeda Council and Commander Ashtar, who emphasized the importance of reconnecting to the source, activating DNA codes, and raising planetary frequencies. The ETs expressed their intent to support humanity in reclaiming freedom and joining the Galactic Family of Light, adhering to universal laws like non-interference. He recounted a mystical encounter at Mount Shasta with Ascended Masters like the Maha Chohan, Saint Germain, and Jesus. This experience included auditory phenomena and a sudden change in weather, which he interpreted as divine signs.

Sinclair also discussed his late father's connection to the Roswell incident. According to Sinclair, his father, a top-secret photographer in the Army, developed photos of the Roswell crash and its beings. Sinclair later uncovered more about his father's involvement in photographing and potentially reverse engineering UFO technology.


During the latter half of the program, Hospice nurse Julie McFadden demystified the end-of-life journey and shared the otherworldly beauty of deathbed phenomena, as well as facts and myths about hospice care, the grieving process, and how to have a "nothing to fear" attitude about death.

She discussed her transition from being an ICU nurse to a Hospice nurse, highlighting the shift in perspective that motivated this change. In the ICU, the focus is on preserving life at all costs, often resulting in interventions that might be more harmful than beneficial. After nearly eight years in the ICU, McFadden became curious about the quality of life and death if aggressive treatments were not pursued. This curiosity led her to Hospice care, where the approach is to help patients live out their remaining time as peacefully as possible.

McFadden addressed the challenge of caring for young patients in Hospice, acknowledging the heartbreak and difficulty involved. She emphasized that while it is undeniably tragic when young people die, the focus should be on helping them live and die with dignity and peace. Denial of death often leads to unnecessary suffering for both the patient and their families, she suggested. McFadden advocated for a more accepting and supportive approach that can result in some of the most profound and transformative experiences, even in the face of such immense sorrow.

McFadden detailed the body's built-in mechanisms to ease the process of dying. For example, as death approaches, individuals naturally sleep more and eat and drink less, which helps the body shut down in a way that minimizes discomfort. McFadden highlighted that while the process can appear distressing, understanding the biological changes can provide comfort to families. She also addressed the phenomenon of the "rally" or terminal lucidity, where a dying person may suddenly become more alert and active before death, which can be a cherished moment for loved ones.

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