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Natural Remedies / Aliens & Mars

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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed the human body's ability to achieve healing through natural remedies that aid in the recovery from chronic conditions that plague Americans today. Referencing biblical figures like Adam, Noah, and Methuselah, who were said to have lived for hundreds of years, he connected their longevity to the notion that they inhabited the "land and milk honey." Wallach suggested that this milk was "glacial milk"-- ground-up rocks at the top of glaciers that released white silt, heavy in minerals that flowed into streams, which the biblical-era figures drank, and this greatly increased their lifespans.

Wallach announced the publication of his new book on metabolic syndrome (related conditions said to increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes). About 1/3 of American adults have the syndrome, he reported, but rather than a genetic problem, he attributes it to nutritional deficiencies and not avoiding the "bad stuff," which he listed as fried foods, processed meat, oils, gluten soy, wheat, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat, sugar, and carbonated drinks. In response to a caller's inquiry about Bell's palsy, Wallach said he believes the condition is due to the cramping of a cranial nerve from osteoporosis and can be reversed with the proper nutrients that rebuild the myelin in the brain and spinal cord.


Chemist Steve Colbern, who specializes in materials science, says that he and his wife displayed evidence of being visited and implanted by the alien Greys. In the latter half, he shared his research about Mars-- he believes that plant life and past civilizations on the Red Planet have been covered up and also updated his work with the late Dr. Roger Leir, whom he initially contacted for the removal of an alien implant in his toe. Regarding Mars, Colbern asserted that evidence for plant life has been seen clearly in the Orbiter mission photos, as well as huge trees near the planet's south pole. In the rover photographs, there's what looks like foundations of buildings, as well as metallic junk and crash debris, he added.

One Roper poll reported that about 3% of the public has been affected by alien abduction at least once, and according to Colburn's research, about .1% of the population "are Class II experiencers that are actually part of the alien program." Hybrids are the primary purpose of the program, he continued, though abductions seem to be decreasing in number. The hybrids, raised aboard their ships, look mostly indistinguishable from regular humans, he noted, and the Greys' agenda is to use them to repopulate our planet after a devastating war or pandemic. "But they're not going to do anything to us; they're going to wait for us to do it to ourselves," Colburn clarified. He shared that the Greys have said they hail from planets within 100 light years, and are part of an alliance of seven similar species. In addition to the alien implant he had removed, he believes he still has several others embedded in him, including one "that started giving out radio signals when I was doing a Japanese TV show."

During the last half-hour, George featured his 6/28/21 interview with hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb on children's ET encounters.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, John Truman Wolfe, Georgette Noory (George's Mom)

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