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Astrology Insights / Messages from ETs

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Astrology expert Mark Lerner has provided thousands of astrological consultations for clients. In the first half, he discussed various astrological aspects, including the lingering effects of the total solar eclipse on April 8. For astrologers, metaphysicians, and psychics, the recent eclipse remains significant because the planetoid Chiron, "the wounded healer, shaman-mentor-guide and twilight zone planet," was exactly with the Sun and Moon at the time of the event, he said. Lerner further noted that we've had hundreds of tornadoes, thunderstorms, flooding, extreme heat, wildfires, and winds right along the path of totality and a little to the east and west of that path. Chiron, he added, has a 50-year cycle through the zodiac and will return in America's birth chart on November 7 (two days after the election) and again on February 18, 2025.

Regarding the astrological aspects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he suggested that there are no indicators that Putin plans to let up, as he wants to go past the time that Stalin led the Soviet Union (29 years). Lerner also touched on an 83-year cycle of Jupiter, the mysteries of Venus, and how the Moon can represent a more powerful aspect of someone's personality than their sun sign. During the last hour, he gave readings for callers.


Psychic and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna receives and deciphers messages from the Other Side. In the latter half, he spoke about various extraterrestrials with whom he consults, as well as his ongoing dedication to inspiring people to believe in themselves and overcome negativity. He detailed how he began hearing a powerful voice that identified themselves as an "intergalactic spirit council." The voice explained that they were in spirit form and not incarnated on a physical planet at this time. "We want you to be able to help educate the public as to why we're here and who we are," the voice told him.

More of the ETs have been coming to our planet to help out, he continued, though they generally have a non-interventionist policy. The council explained that they are composed of seven different members but that there are twelve different universal existences. They also revealed to him that aliens are behind the strange cattle mutilation phenomenon-- these are benevolent experiments examining why human food is becoming toxic with the goal of evolving human genetics. During the last hour, Genna offered readings for listeners. For more, visit his YouTube channel, "The Adventures of a Psychic Therapist."

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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