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Name Power / Open Lines

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George Noory welcomed Maryanna Korwitts, an internationally recognized and acclaimed expert on numerological and subliminal influences as applied to names, birthdates, and addresses. She examined how your name influences your personality and behavior, and how others perceive you. Korwitts began her career as a teacher with a background in psychology, which sparked her interest in how names can predict and influence behavior. She observed that children with the same names exhibited similar traits, which was corroborated by her colleagues and led her to study the energy and patterns behind names. Her study expanded into a professional exploration of how the frequency or vibration of letters in names can subliminally affect personalities and behaviors.

According to Korwitts, the name one goes by most frequently has the most significant impact on personality and behavior, while the full name influences career and finances. She illustrated how the different combinations and vibrations of names can direct a person's identity and interactions with others. For instance, she noted how informal nicknames can make people more relaxed and familiar, while more formal names can invoke respect and authority. When naming a baby, Korwitts suggested considering the desired traits parents hope to instill to ensure the chosen name aligns with those traits and fits within the family dynamics.

Regarding business and professional names, Korwitts highlighted the importance of name choices in influencing career success and public perception. She pointed out that different names can encourage leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, or technical prowess. In addition, she emphasized the significance of website names for businesses, noting particularly how they should be easily spelled and memorable. Korwitts also touched on how individuals and businesses might change their names to better align with their goals, improve professional life, or adapt to cultural contexts.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. A caller from Florida named George recounted a near-death experience from 2013 when he was in a car accident. During the incident, he saw a bright white light and found himself looking down at his car from a hill. He encountered his deceased best friend, Eddie, who told him it wasn't his time to go despite his troubles. According to George, he saw his family arrive at the scene, which solidified his will to live. George described a vision of a gate with a being that he couldn't pass through. Attempts to discuss this with various religious figures were unsuccessful, as they all thought he was delusional, George revealed.

Ruth from Maryland asked George Noory a unique question about encountering and helping an injured extraterrestrial or cryptid, given his known compassion for homeless people. She wondered if he would assist such a being if it were injured. Noory responded that he would likely call 911 to get professional medical help, as he is not a medical doctor himself. Ruth expressed concern that the government might intervene if such a call were made. Noory acknowledged the possibility but reiterated his uncertainty about how else he could help.

The final half hour was a replay featuring magical arts practitioner Judika Illes.

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