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In the first half of the program, George Noory welcomed Mr. Lobo, who presided over the nationally syndicated late-night TV show Cinema Insomnia for over 16 years. He discussed the prevalent issue of AI-generated impersonations of celebrities, citing examples like Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. These impersonations result in brand confusion and intellectual theft, Mr. Lobo said. He emphasized that even accurate impersonations cannot justify unauthorized use, and advocated for legal action against such practices.

Mr. Lobo talked about the positive and practical applications of AI in Hollywood, such as making high-quality productions accessible to low-budget filmmakers as well as restoring old films. He criticized the mindset of some industry executives who view AI as a means to eliminate human roles entirely. He argued that creative intuition and artistic vision are irreplaceable and essential for authentic storytelling. AI can assist but should not replace the human touch in filmmaking, as the true essence of art comes from human experience and emotion, he suggested.

Mr. Lobo detailed the history and significance of horror hosts, noting that the genre began in the 1950s with local TV stations creating unique characters to introduce horror films. He mentioned the influence of iconic hosts like Bob Wilkins and Vampira, who paved the way for future horror hosts, including himself. Mr. Lobo explained how he started as a horror host in 2001, filling a gap in late-night programming at a local TV station, which led to his show Cinema Insomnia.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. David in Los Angeles shared his experience transitioning from a corporate job to working in physical production for films and TV, inspired by Creature Features host Bob Wilkins. He reminisced about his work on classic horror films and notable projects like "Tremors" and "Mighty Joe Young," praising director Ron Underwood. David discussed the industry's changes, noting the spread of film production to various states. Despite their gratitude for steady work and benefits, David expressed concern over the declining local industry and the economic ripple effect on related jobs.

Ruth from Maryland expressed gratitude for Coast to Coast AM, describing it as inspiring and thought-provoking. She shared a humorous and touching story from her work as a caregiver. While caring for a bedridden 101-year-old man who rarely spoke, Ruth changed the TV channel to an episode of "Ancient Aliens" featuring George Noory. To her surprise, the man, an engineer and scientist, suddenly started talking, recognizing and mentioning people from the show whom he had worked with. This unexpected revival of the man's speech amazed Ruth and her bosses, who found it amusing and uplifting.

The final half hour featured a replay of British artist Benjamin Creme from 7/31/09 on a telepathic message from a wisdom master about the emergence of the Maitreya.

News segment guests: Heidi Hollis / Kevin Randle

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