Atlantis, the Hollow Earth, & Mr. Fidget

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In the first two hours, Dr. Wendy Lockwood, who says she is a reincarnated nuclear physicist that had a past life in Atlantis, described the life and destruction of the fabled civilization, involving worldwide wars between Atlantis and Lemuria. She discusses the ancient Egyptian pyramids and the god Thoth. Lockwood also shared her ideas about the inhabitants of the "Hollow Earth," whom she believes outnumber humans.

In the third hour, before going into Open Lines, Art mentions a new toy he got in the mail called the Fidget. Lo and behold, the inventor of "The Fidget" is his first caller. "Mr. Fidget" describes his invention, which he claims can stop smoking, cure boredom, and generally reduce stress. He calls from a telephone booth in Santa Cruz, CA, and is so entertaining that Art keeps him on the show for the remaining 3 hours! "Mr. Fidget" hands the phone over to several folks who crowd around him while he’s on the radio and Art is tickled to death by the serendipity of the show.

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