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Art Bell spoke with scientific and paranormal investigator Dr. Stepehn Rorke, who appeared for the full four hours of the program. They discussed the work of the late Ralph Rene, who wrote extensively about the lunar-landing hoax theory. Rorke, who was bequeathed all of Rene's research, did not fully endorse the theory that the moon landings were hoaxed. On the contrary, he said, "I think there is evidence we went to the moon. My difficulty is with the Apollo record." To that end, Rorke said "absolutely there are aspects which were hoaxed, in my mind."

Rorke highlighted one particularly compelling inconsistency which emerged by way of reports from Apollo astronauts when they returned from the moon. He played a sound clip from a Neil Armstrong press conference where the astronaut said that he could not remember seeing any stars while on the lunar surface. Rorke then contrasted that by reading an excerpt from Michael Collins' book where he did describe seeing stars during his visit to the moon. "The astronauts, themselves, cannot make their minds up whether they saw stars or not," Rorke observed. He also discussed the debate over the viability of traveling through the Van Allen radiation belts, the recent Dutch fake moon rock revelation, and theories that Stanley Kubrick helped fake the moon landing.

Throughout the evening, Rorke repeatedly stressed that he was presenting the evidence accumulated by the late Ralph Rene, whom he credited with advancing early, rudimentary, moon hoax research. Rorke noted that he had been a fierce critic of Rene's research when he was alive and it is that stance which most likely resulted in the late researcher leaving his work to him. "He would rather have someone bequeathed the responsibility of presenting his research in a way that really does cite the compelling evidence and ask people to think without just being dogmatic about it," Rorke mused, "I think that says a lot about the man."

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