Biology, Belief & Consciousness

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Biology, Belief & Consciousness

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Scientist and lecturer Dr. Bruce Lipton shared his groundbreaking research in cellular biology and the mechanisms that control life. "We've given genes intelligence," Lipton explained, but genes are merely blueprints and do not determine the fate of an organism. Instead, he suggested genes are potentials that are "continuously reading the environment and adjusting the biology to conform to the perception of that environment."

As proof, Lipton cited his own research, which showed a strong link between environment and the development of stem cells. Further, Lipton theorizes that skin cells act as an interface between the organism and its environment. By reading both the outside and inside worlds of an organism, the skin is able to adjust the biology to meet the needs of the environment, he said.

Lipton also discussed cellular consciousness, identity, and how perceptions control our biology -- something called epigenetic control. Lipton believes every cell is a "programmable chip" and that the genes within our cells can be rewritten to restore health and well-being. This means we have the power to heal ourselves by changing the way think about our biology, Lipton concluded.

Author Whitley Strieber joined Art during the first hour of the program to discuss a story in the Sunday Times about a slowdown in the Gulf Stream and its impact on the climate. According to the article, one of the "engines" driving the Gulf stream has severely weakened. Since the Gulf Stream helps keep Britain and Europe warm, climate experts think the slowdown may cause the continent to freeze. Whitley also talked about a new way to process ethanol.