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Alien Abductions & Experiments

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Date Host Art Bell

'Alien Hunter' and investigator Derrel Sims joined Art in Hours 2-5. In 1952, when Derrel was 3 years old, there was a creature standing by his bed who was bringing him back from an event. The beings he saw had large round eyes – a bit different from the Greys. They were “brilliant white” in color and in one instance, at age 4, he woke up with a "scoop mark" in his leg. They told him to say that he fell and cut himself. His encounters stopped at age 17.

Sims described the last event he had with the beings as being quite violent. His door was broken open and five entities showed up in his room, unlike what is talked about in typical abduction cases. He described the "Mass Abduction Event of 1992," where "fluorescents" and odd allergies were found with all the abductees. The fluorescents, he explained, permeate the skin on contact – the only way to get a sample is to take a shaving of the skin. It seems when touched by these beings, the fluorescents are immediately laid into the skin.

During the first hour, Whitley Strieber reported on his sighting in Gulf Breeze, FL involving a bright red and “beautiful” light hovering – just hanging in the air. Witness Vicky Lyons described the second night when the object appeared again. This object, she said, has been around the Gulf Breeze area for years.


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