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Chupacabras and UFOs

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Date Host Art Bell

The first two hours delves into the chupacabras ("the goatsucker"), a strange creature said to drain the blood of other animals. Hector "Tito" Armstrong from Princeton University is Art's first guest. He's originally from Puerto Rico and ran a chupacabras website. Tito discusses how everyone is talking about the beast in his home country. He describes the creature as reptilian in nature with two large red eyes but it also has characteristics of a kangaroo, and can allegedly fly.

Art asks about UFO reports around Mexico City and how it may correlate to the animal. He takes calls for Tito during the second hour of the show. Mark Huntsinger, a former state sections director of the Florida MUFON organization, joins the discussion in hour 2 and suggests some interesting connections between the creature and UFO phenomena. Open lines for hour 3, with most of the calls related to the chupacabras subject.

In hour 4, Art switches gears, and discusses a story about members of the Eastern Oregon Militia who say they are prepared to declare war against the US military if the Freemen standoff turns violent. A man by the name of Jay calls in to describe the militia's stance. He says he sympathizes with not just the Freemen but with all militias. "We're sick of being limited by government," he declares. Later, Art brings on a liberal man from CA for a spontaneous debate with Jay about guns and the militia movement.


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