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Psychic Amelia Kinkade discussed her in-depth experiences communicating with animals. The ability to receive information from animals, she noted, is a learned skill rather than a gift. Kinkade said she is actually able to merge her consciousness with animals, and for instance with a dog, she experienced the intensity of smell, which was far beyond the human capacity.

New discoveries in Quantum Physics, such as the concept that we are all part of "one ocean of indivisible energy," help explain such telepathic communication, stated Kinkade. A person must quiet their own thought process in order to access the energetic field of an animal's mind, and impressions from a creature may be a quick flash of a picture, taste or sensation, which are then translated into the native language of the communicator, she said.

The communicator can also perform a body scan of an animal to view different organs. Each organ is vibrating at a particular frequency like instruments in an orchestra, but if one organ is out of sync, that can indicate an illness or problem, she explained. Kinkade, who teaches workshops around the world in animal communications, said she has learned that animals reincarnate and can come back as different species. For example, a ferret told her that he used to be a black and white dog, but came back as a ferret because his owner could not have dogs in her building.

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